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    Hello, I don't know if someone had asked this before, but does anyone know how to turn the CivII map files into image files so I can print it out? I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you,


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    use the original Mapeditor from Microprose or
    civ2 exe. load recommended sav.

    -Zoom in or out, what resolution you want.
    -press Printscreen(copies screen to clipboard)
    -goto your favourite gfx program
    -press ctrl-V (insert from clipboard)
    -remove non map parts
    repeat until the full map is copied.

    (colour printer recommended)

    Or use Mapedit save map as bitmap
    -goto your favourite gfx program
    -load the bmp file created by Mapedit


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      But I assume you want to print the map for "strategic" purposes or so? Using MapEdit won't exactly be very good then, since the result will be a tiny squashed bitmap with ugly rivers and only one pixel per tile. But then, it IS far easier that way than using print-screen and copy pasting everything together.

      It's probably easier to draw it yourself (on "math" paper, or whatever you call sheets of paper with vertical and horizontal lines on it every 0.5 or 1 cm, or 0.XX inches surely in the US).
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        Thanks for the help Thoddy!! You'd be suprised on how well that did me. And Mercator, it's called graph paper here ;-). I was thinking about tracing it or free-handing but I felt it'd be easier to trace it from flat paper than from a computer screen. It's not so much for strategic purposes as it is aesthetic. I'm simply using it for a book of mine. It's probably the best map I've created so far. That is, achieving realism with land forms, continental drifs, moutain chains/formations, and climate zones etc. etc. Of course I'm going to add more details whence I make a large amount of copies for myself and trace/freehand it.