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Free Civ II Test of Time with Australian PC User mag

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  • Free Civ II Test of Time with Australian PC User mag

    'Nuff said really. For someone like myself who never actually owned an incarnation of Civ 2, this is a nice pickup for $7.50. Note that the Civ 3 article is only a couple of pages though.

    Sorry if I've put this in the wrong section.
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    - mkl

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    Thanks for notifing everyone
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      Lucky aussies!

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        kinda sad that they are giving the game away. the mag is worth more than the software.


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          It's still selling for $20 at a local CompUSA (Totowa, NJ); oddly enough, it's the only Civ title still on the shelves there (including SMAC/X)
          No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.


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            Well, good old ToT is still worth something in my opinion. Billions of hours of play, I guess ...
            What’s more, I’m working on the second version of my no-limits add-on and it might help a little bit. See the “new version of no limits add-on" thread in the civ2/creation forum.
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              Im off to the newsagency now

              i just love being an aussie