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  • Help. please!

    I'm playing CIV II MP with the gigaworld map and the Civ2 no limits add-on. I'm the vikings and there are six other civilizations with a lot of cities. When I try to build a new city a warning sign tells me that there are too many cities! There's anything I can do to avoid this? Thanks for your help.

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    No ... 255 is the limit of the number of cities. You can disband some worthless cities and build replacements in better locations.


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      count all the cities in the game there will probably be 255(or 256) that is the limit(even with the patch) it is something within the programming itself.

      the only thing you can do about is is building your cities faster then the others

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        Never play MP on giga maps.This always happens.Or set a city limit.
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          Umm...stupid question, but what's the No-Limits add-on? What does it have?
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