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Got to watch that "Barbarian Wrath" setting

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    You have to do it manually. Go into the game.txt file in CivII and look for the barb level list (the one that appears when you start a game). When you find it (It's very hard, so much is in the file) put Barbarian Wraith right after Raging Hoards. You should be able to pick it when you start your next game.
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      I like lots of barbs - sometimes its better to let them have a city for a while. They produce lots of cheap units - bribe the city and they are yours.
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        Re: Uprising frequency?

        Originally posted by Six Thousand Year Old Man
        Which leads to my question: obviously, at higher levels this setting produces more barbarians per uprising - but does it also make the uprisings more frequent?
        Well, we know that the default 4 setting increase the frequency and number of barbs. It makes sense that higher levels would continue the trend - altho if it adheres to the pattern remains to be seen.

        Does the barbarian attack factor (attack strength * (difficulty level * 0.25)) continue to increase at the deity+ levels? That is, would a barb legion (att. 4 at king, att. 6 at deity) have attack strength 8 at deity+2?
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          Originally posted by Christantine The Great

          Does this also work with pirates?
          I have played on this level and seen barb landings off ships (I think that's what you mean by pirates), and there's been only the usual 3 or 4. just like you'd get from a hut.
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