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    I think there are tech triggers that make the AIs turn uncooperative, too. In my first spaceship game, I was way ahead of the AIs, and they begged for peace and happily paid tribute throughout the game. Once I discovered Space Flight, though (in 1420), they would declare war as soon as I talked to them.


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      Carolus Rex, I often do get off to a quick start - first in most demographic categories. It isn't all that surprizing that it turns out that way, really, as the game is designed to make it more difficult the larger your lead...

      DaveV, gunpowder is also sure to raise aggression by the AI. At the first contact following your (presumably the world's first) discovery of gunpowder, all will demand it. Of course, it's always good to give them some show and tell in the field first...
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        it was in a game where a civ had built the Manhattan Project; one turn before I landed, every remaining civ sneak attacked me with nukes!
        my fear for the AI and nukes goes so far that I first try to get an SDI in most(all) of my cities before I build manhatten(except when the AI starts builing before me)

        and in the end I kick ...

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          Og course, it could just be you, Caralampio. Maybe the rest of us really get along with the AI fine, and we're just stringing you along. Actually, it appears to be built into the program to unite against the number 1 power, if that power is human-controlled. This is how the programmers tried to present us with more of a challenge. So thank the nice programmers, and get on with kicking in the teeth of everyone in the neighborhood.
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