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What do you like the most about civilization 2?

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  • What do you like the most about civilization 2?

    I never had the chance to talk with other players, so I am curious about what others like about this game.
    I like to try and make my civilization nice for my people to live in. I like to make sure there are plenty of city improvements and wonders so my people give me a good approval rating. I also really try to develop science as much as I can because I try not to be warlike. I always win by building the spaceship.

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    There are so many things to like about civ, thus its longevity. Seeing your tribe to glory, trade, building wonders, crushing neighbors, there's a little something for everyone. These forums are loaded with strategies, information, and discoveries, read on! Many ways to improve your play and have even more fun.

    I love exploration, seeing the black haze clear as my ships and explorers roam about in search of loot and good city spots. I have a habit of making my cities very livable, as well. Fat coffers and happy citizens tend to be my goal.

    Actually building city improvements draws chides from many players, as the most effective way to a high score involves behavior more appropriate for rabid, aggressive rodents...

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      I play civ2 because it is so engrossing, and has a lot of depth. I can play in a number of different ways, and after 5 years, it still has new stuff about the game being discovered. even here at apolyton.

      I chuckle over the absurdities, and glory in my triumphs, and my dismal failures.
      it's a big rush no matter whether I win.

      Gak, I love this game.

      The possibilities when starting small and becoming a superpower of some sort are not to be missed, either
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        5 years and i still play Civ2 !!
        Customized scenarios thats THE great power of Civ2
        Complex but easy (perfect city screen: 1 screen and we can see all city infos)


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          Originally posted by Marquis de Sodaq
          rabid, aggressive rodents...
          Yeah ... but we rars enjoy the game as well!!
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            A good one can turn Civ into a whole new game. A bad one adds to it`s longevity somewhat.
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              Crushing the enemy! Not really, but the thrill of watching one lonely settler build a mighty empire that will one day conquer the world.
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                The ability to create scenarios keeps the game fresh whenever the default game becomes tedious. New strategies that one develops in an unusual scenario can change the way that one looks at the default game too. New possibilities, new horizons. Additionally, the scenarios offer new realms of creativity to someone so inclined. Look around here on ACS and on some of the other sites; there are scenarios that encompass almost any subject you can think of. And if you can think of a subject that hasn't been covered already--then make it yourself!

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                  Thanks for all the responses everyone. This looks like a good site, although I am a bit confused as it looks different from yesterday.


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                    Welcome, Mary-Ann. I find it hard to think that anyone who likes Civ could fail to enjoy Apolyton.

                    The only complaint you sometimes hear is that the time taken up chatting on the boards is time lost for playing the game. (Curiously never heard anyone moan that it cut further into the time available for washing the dishes or mowing the lawn!).

                    Yes, you have arrived just when the boards have been given a new look. It's going to take me a few days to get used to the new look. First impressions favourable though.

                    To answer your question, I think what I first liked was the basic concept of the game. The idea of basing a game on the way human civilisation has developed is a novel one and it was fun, while still new to the game, to see the way different aspects of mankind's advance had been built in.

                    Afdter that becomes familiar, though, it is the variety of the strategic and tactical approaches which the game allows which keep me playing. I am forever thinking of, or seeing discussed here, some slightly different approach (some not so slightly) to any I have yet tried and I find I have to play half a dozen games or more in that particular style before I can see whether it works well and how it compares to other approaches.

                    With other games there often comes a moment when you feel that you have hit on an approach which is sufficiently succesful that there is just no interest left in trying something different.


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                      The thousands of variations of paths you can take in the game is my favorite part. Try as you may, you can never even come close to duplicating a game.....theres just way too many variables....

                      Also, the freedom to do whatever you want with YOUR world makes civ a very appealing game.
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                        Thanks for being so friendly everyone, I like my picture that appears by my name


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                          *Vlad Antlerkov, you have fulfilled the dreams of countless generations. Your name will live forever in the annals of CIVILIZATION!*

                          ...around 1000 AD Actually, that's never happened before (except if I cheat). I'm lucky to get to AC before 2000-- on Chieftain
                          oh god how did this get here I am not good with livejournal


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                            I have always loved the exploration best...

                            No, the building and making my people happy...

                            No, the thrill of 'discovering' new technologies, and being the science leader...

                            No, the trade and getting rich off of other nations...


                            It's all good.
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                              Well as others have already articulated...... i enjoy the various ways of winning....... whether it be ethnic cleansing, mercantilianism, Democratic relations, or reaching for the stars

                              The beautiful thing about civ is all the variables that come into play. Does that first hut yield two legs or four? Money or science? Is it tech i need or is it just tech indeed. Is my first city my SSC or is it my only city (OCC). Do i like my zulu neighbors or am i trading with my Egyptian ones.

                              How do you like my fortress...... 150g tribute... i think not.... why don't you send some obsolete units over the next 2 millenium and go bash your heads.......

                              oh..... you want to trade maps..... *snicker* by all means and i promise not to give it to any of your so called rivals......

                              Ah look at this nomads, non units, advanced tribes the game is going we......ll........ darn here come the raging horde barbs.....

                              so you want to kill my explorer eh? Fine...... i will bribe the rest of you... don't you know how big my coffers are....surely it's spread through the royalty of all the kingdoms

                              oh yah....... it ain't no fun waiting around to be a millionaire...... so spend that cash..... buy some some units , buy some caravans......

                              whatever your fetish.....civ can bring most of it to your front door........

                              Remember..... always build those caravans

                              whoa..... i need air
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