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Enemy doesn't pollute, or have anarchy.

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  • Enemy doesn't pollute, or have anarchy.

    Hi Civ2 fans,

    I just started playing this wonderful game again and I am playing single player, version 2.42, diety, 7 civs, & barbarian hoards as always. I hit ctrl K when one civ kept changing gov't every turn w/o lady liberty. I found no reason how, what I did find was a significant lack of pollution(NONE) on cities with over a dozen triangles. Is this Diety lvl help for AI ?, or a bug ?, or what?
    Thanks for answers in advance,


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    Just one of the many AI cheats that have been documented here over time - for a fairly inclusive view of these see Ming's AI Cheats thread - the url can be found in the 'Great Library' temporarily housed in a sticky thread at the top of the Civ2-Strategy forum.

    Good civin'

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      Well, I for one am glad of this cheat.

      If some of the AI cities I've seen counted towards global warming then my careful land improvements would go for a burton in game after game.


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        The AI should get pollution and be forced to deal with it. Why should I be the only one trying to keep the planet clean? grrr

        The legend "Sid Meier's Civilization III" on the units' screenshots is mesmerising by the way