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  • Please help me out!

    I am in need of some help; all responses are appreciated.

    I just installed the FW add-on so I could use the new features that it contains. But whenever I try to load either a scenario or a saved game, I get an error message saying that it was unable to load because the file is not a saved game!?!

    Why does this happen? Is there a step that I'm missing, or do I need to install a patch or what?

    Please help me out.

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    Were you able to play the scenarios before adding on FW?

    Some scenarios are for MPG (Multiplayer Gold) and can't be played with just FW.
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      ... so just go to SLeague site and download Angelo Scotto's program. It often works ( but I'm warning you, some features in MPG events don't work under FW ).
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        I have a problem too like that, I have MPG Civ2, and I tried to download a couple things, one was some units, another was 2 or 3 scenarios, and when I got back into civ2 after I downloaded these files, it said I didnt have 'em? can anyone help me out?



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