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    I like to call my people the Urantians,
    I got the name from the urantia book
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      I don't use custom civs, however I usually found many cities in my games and thus must look at atlases to find extra cities.
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        Victorians (Oz state inhabitants that is), so I can use the cities and towns with well-known geography - a real plus for locating them quickly.


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          Originally posted by DarkCloud on 10-07-2000 04:15 PM
          I don't use custom civs, however I usually found many cities in my games and thus must look at atlases to find extra cities.

          I have a world map right behind my computer (3*2m)

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            I play the Ferrets. (annoying little creatures that get into everything)

            Other cities
            Thelma &
            Katieland (my daughter Katie always checks to make sure i've created one)
            HAHA (if i can get one within two squares of another capital)
            And many variations of specials. (i.e. Goldy, Mosstown, Silkland)
            and what ever the situation calls for.

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              I ought to try doing this sometime. I'd have to play as the Cretonians. In the tenth grade (circa 1965), I developed a sort of Diplomacy game within my high school. I recruited people to be in charge of planets in my empire while I ruled the planet Creton.

              Wouldn't you know it, though? One of my classmates decided to revolt, developed the "Myriads of Hydra" and my empire fell apart.

              Oh, well. C'est la guerre.

              Frodo lives!

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                I have a Rand McNally "Histomap of World History" map in my office. It gives plenty of geographical information to choose tribes (i.e. Hittites, Minoan, Amorites, etc) with cities and leaders names also!

                It's very cool to have next to my National Geographic maps of Asia, Europe, the Americas, etc. No more room for my diploma!
                Haven't been here for ages....


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                  Well, I like to play as the Terran Alliance or simply Terrans or Alliance (usually the Romans or Americans renamed). If not, then I play as the Russians, with Moscow or St. Petersburg renamed Antlergrad ( ).


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                    In my very first game, I played as the Celts. As an Irishman, I was dismayed to see Cardiff as the very boring name for the first city, so I decided on cartoon characters. Homer was my capital, followed by Snoopy, Dilbert, Garfield etc.

                    These days, I occasionally play as the Celts, using the towns and vilages of the west of Ireland; or as the Golfers (capital: St Andrews) or the Scientists (Einstein, Darwin, Newton etc). I once played a game as Frank Lloyd Wright, with Oak Park as my capital, and Taliesin, Fallingwater, Guugenheim museum etc, but ran out of buildings.

                    When I get to Naples using normal Civs, I try to make city names that are puns on the language or people. So German cities are named Mercedes, BMW, Kohl, etc; Greek/ROman cities are Stadium, Uranium, Criterion, Ultimatum etc.

                    It makes me laugh....


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                      Emperor Catullus of the Dead Poets has seized the position of the Carthaginians in rules.txt along with his beloved empress Lesbia.
                      Cities: Ovid, Shakespeare, Coleridge, Ibsen, Vergil, Cervantes, Snorri, Whitman...



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                        Rufus T. Firefly of the Freedonians, of course. My first four cities are Grouchopolis, Chicopolis, Harpopolis, and Zeppopolis; Laurelton, Hardyton, Chaplinton, and Keaton follow hard behind, as does West Mae.

                        In another movie-referential bit of naming, I also recently played my first OCC as Grand Duchess Gloriana XII of Grand Fenwick. Seemed appropriate, and a little cross-dressing didn't bother Peter Sellers so why should it bother me?

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                          I often play the Amberites from Roger Zelazny's SF books.

                          City list example:

                          Amber City (capital)
                          Keep o'4 worlds
                          Courts of Chaos

                          etc. etc.

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                            I am going to try this. Become Father Beast of The Beasts.
                            Beast city
                            and others much like the Chrisonians. Speaking of which - Good Hell, Christantine, you really go overboard on this. I just visited your Chrisonian republic home page. the whole thing dedicated to your civ empire?!?


                            anyway I was thinking also of suitable titles:
                            anarchy - That Guy
                            Despotism - Boss
                            Monarchy - ?
                            Republic - Council Leader
                            Democracy - Prez
                            Communism - Big Boss
                            Fundamentalism - High Lord

                            So which file do I alter. Rulers.txt?
                            Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a BEAST

                            I was just about to point out that Horsie is simply making excuses in advance for why he will suck at Civ III...
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                              It was a personal test to see if I could build a web page. I'm not that insane.

                              "Freedom, Trade, Christantine!"

                              The Official Webpage of the Chrisonian Republic

                              The Viking Archives

                              The MGE Succession Game Team. Sign Up Today!
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