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    I downloaded the money patch from this site where you have no moneymax and you cna hev bigger maps.
    But where do I need to unzip it to?
    If I do it in the primary mps/civ2 map it asks if I want to overwrite civ2.exe.
    If I do this I don't have civ 2 gold anymore!
    Please help me...
    Greetz, Ramses

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    You will need to overwrite the civ2.exe file to patch it.

    If you have the right patch for MGE, that should be no problem.

    If you want to keep your original version, just reinstall the game into a different directory and patch the second install. Then you'll have 2 versions of civ, one 'normal' and one no-limits.
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      I have installed all MGE's and the Gold patch.
      But when I overwrite it I don't have Gold either MGE.
      Greetz, Ramses


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        Julius Brenzaida's NoLimits patch is fully compatible with MGE 5.4.0f Patch 3 - but it breaks the scenario editor

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          If you don't want overwrite the civ2.exe, simply rename one of the two to something else .exe and you'll have both. Click on one or the other, and perhaps create new shortcuts...

          But, um... all MGE's?

          If you have the version SG mentioned, all the no-limits patch will do is lift the limits on gold, population and map size (and maybe some I forgot)... Those are the only differences between the two files... You won't lose anything whatsoever... I thought breaking the scenario editor is actually only a fault in the text files the no-limits patch supplies, but I could be wrong about that.

          If you want to be safe, just rename one exe file, and you can use both.
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            I tried this all but I stiil can't have more than 30000 gold!
            Greetz, Ramses


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              I can't imagine why you want all that gold. You don't receive any interest on it! Spend it and buy something useful


              "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
              "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                Mercator... has anyone ever told you that your avatar looks like a guy who's throwing paper's in the air? (dark background)