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    What affects the life expectancy, disease rate, military service, and approval rating?

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    Re: demographics

    Originally posted by Space05us
    What affects the life expectancy, disease rate, military service, and approval rating?
    Im not an expert but I believe life and disease rate are effected by pollution levels..

    Military service seems to drop if you upgrade to better units often or loose many in battles.

    Aprroval rating is happiness wonders and improvements. That would be pretty closely tied to your attitude adviser.


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      Thank you


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        millitary service is also related to the number of units you have and the number of ppl(heads).

        (use cheat and put some of your cities to size'll see)

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          If you search the Civ 2 Forums for threads with Demographics in the title you find no less than eleven of them - perhaps the two most helpful are:

          but I didn't inspect the others with great care so I may well have missed a few gems

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            I'm pretty sure I saw a very detailed description of all or most of the demographics lately... Not too sure where, though.

            Here it is:


            Click on the big Statistic in the first post.
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              WOW thank you a lot!


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                Pollution cant be the only factor to affect life expectency. In a polluting modern civ your people live longer than in an ancient wheel-inventing clan.
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                  Civilization advances affect it too, the science level. At least that would sound logic.
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                    IIRC, the determining factor for disease is the presense (or lack thereof) of sewer systems. Nothing more or less.

                    I believe that the approval rating is a straight ratio of happy to unhappy citizens, with content and specialist citizens counting as 50% of each.
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