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  • Horribly Scratched CD

    I decide to reinstall Civ2 *yay!*
    The CDs are missing *boo!*
    I find all 3 CDs (Civ 2, conflicts, FW and install them *yay!*
    The FW one is horribly scratched *boo!*

    Anyway, the point is... anyone know how to fix a really scratched CD?

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    This might sound odd. I have never tried it. It was suggested by Stereophile Magazine years ago when I used to read it. It was also suggested in reference to audio CDs and CD-ROMs have a lot more data on them.

    With that said. I had read that applying Turtle Wax or a Silicon lightly to the CD will fill in the scratch enough that the laser should be able to read the data without skipping.

    I don't know how this effects the inside of a CD drive and I take no responsibility for it. The other option is that I have seen these disks at Target for $10 on the discount rack. That might be the safer solution.
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      There are CD repair kits on the market for about a fiver - in essence a commercial form of the above - good luck

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        Actually... What files are placed and/or changed around(apart from the new scenarios).
        It may be possible for someone to e-mail them to someone if it's small enough, or possibly put on the web...


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          I ran into exactly the same problem a couple weeks ago! My eldest needed me to reinstall Age of Empires, but the CD was HORRIBLELY scratched! MacSoft Tech Support offered to sell me a new CD, but also suggested trying a polishing compound to repair the scratches.

          So, off to a music store I went (CompUSA and other local computer don't carry the stuff, go figure), and bought "CD SCRATCH REMOVER" distributed by EZ bros, Inc. It works just like a fine rubbing compound and removed or at least diminished the scratches. The CD played fine immediately after polishing. The cost was about $8.00 US, but was an instant solution and didn't require postage and handling!

          I'm sure that there are similar products by other companies, just look for them in music stores. Good luck!

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            There's a downloadable patch to upgrade the game somwhere. Not a chance for scenarios, though.


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              I don't care about the scenarios, I just want the patch.