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    A while back, I downloaded what in my opinion, one of the greatest scenarios ever built for Civilization 2, the Fading Lights, the Byzantine Empire from the recapture off Constantinople to the liquidation of Pontus Province. Unfortunately, I just moved out of my dorm for the summer, so my computer is still unloaded (and there is NO room for it in the house), so I don't have the details, but my problem is this.
    The event folders are so large that they have to be uploaded every 50 turns. For reasons unknown, sometimes after putting a savegame file through the 'Delevent' .exe file provided, the game informs me that there has been some sort of 'event error' and that I should consult the manual to find out how to debug the events file, and any save thereafter gives me the same message. The events files work fine with other saves, so I have deduced the problem is with the savegame file.
    The Civ 2 manual was no help at all; perhaps the text was referring to the FW manual, which I may never find again. For the past two weeks I have looked everywhere on the net, and it seems I am the only one whose ever had this problem. I could ignore this problem with the Byzantines (as it appeared in 1400, and with the Turks gone, most of the events made no sense anyway). But now, I'm playing the Latins in 1295 and the after testing, I'm getting this message. Honestly I don't know how to fix the problem, or how to avoid it (though I think it might have something to do with the capture of Cairo). If anyone could help me I would be grateful.

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    are you using the latest version of civ? try installing the latest patch and try it again


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      Thank you for the reply, but I can't find any patches, at least not for Fantstic Worlds (I don't own MGE, Tot does not play this scenario). I went to the patches section here just to make sure, but all it had were modpacks. Regardless, thank you.


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        First there is no patch for FW, it was a a "final" release. Secondly does the readme that came with the scenario say its compatible with FW? I believe MGE increased the maximum file size that the events.txt could be, so if it's higher than the previous limit in FW that could be causing the problem. Finally could you give a link to the scenario in question so I could take a look?
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          Just scroll down the page and it should be there.
          This wasn't where I found it the first time, but I think after looking this copy over, it looks like the same version (I don't have Civ 2 on this computer, sorry). I should mention that the events files seem to be just small enough to work under FW guidelines. Add one more event and they don't work at all. Thank you very much for the help.


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            Sorry, I forgot to mention it says at the very top of readme1.txt the scenario requires FW, and makes no reference to MGE.


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              If you are switching events files, it's most likely becouse the events refer to a civilization or city you have destroyed.

              Every time you run delevent to load a new events file, the game loads all events from scratch again. If you or you're AI rivals destroyed a civilization or city that is being refered to by the events the file won't load (it reads as an event error, the same thing happens if you edit the rules.txt to change the name of units so that they don't match the ones refered to in the events).

              When one makes multi events file scenarios one has to be very carefull about these sort of things

              If the above is your problem (if it's not I really don't know what could've caused it ), then the solution would be to make a copy of the current events.txt and edit out the parts that are no longer valid before loading your savegame.

              All scenarios that works for FW works fine with MGE, and this scenario requires FW not MGE. Thus event file size doesn't matter.
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                How are you swapping and deleting the events?

                I wrote the event swapping batch file that comes with the scenario, so if you use that you don't need to run delevent yourself...
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                  Sorry, it wasn't obvious. You shouldn't change events every 50 turns, but every half-century, which means; 1300, 1350, 1400. 1450? You probably know it already. Thanks for praises, anyway
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