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  • Bridges

    I have been trying and trying to figure out how to build bridges, but I can't find anything. The instruction book wasn't helpful, and I can't find anything in the CIV2 game itself. Any help would be appreciated. I know that you must have 'learned' certain things, in the game, and believe me, they have been done!

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    two thoughts

    1) assume you know about the tech 'bridge building' (prereq iron working and construction) which allows settlers and engineers to build roads on rivers

    2) assume you are asking about bridging continents. If you build a coastal city, you'll notice that when a ship enters a city, all of its cargo becomes unsentried at that point. If you then build another coastal city on the other continent, you can take advantage of sentrying a unit on a boat and moving the boat to the other city and autoreactivate them.
    Further, you may also note that if you click on a ship, it gives you the choice to activate the units on the ship. You can use this to transport units over sea distances longer than the movement of your ship by having more than one ship at specific intervals. By activating and then resentrying the units on a ship, and you have more than 1 ship on a space, first ship to leave then gets the units for movement (you actually don't have to resentry - that is done automatically, but helps in keeping track of the units). This is also called shipchaining here.

    does that answer your question?
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      After you have discovered "Bridge Building" you can build roads on river squares. Those are the only "bridges" in the game.

      If you were thinking of bridging Ocean, that isn't possible.

      There are ways to simulate it (e.g. by allowing settlers to transform ocean to land), but that would only be of interest if you're thinking of making a scenario or modpack.

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        Pre-Bridge Building, the quick and dirty way to bridge a river is to build a city on it. Automatic bridge, since the city is automatically roaded.

        Building cities on rivers is generally a good idea, anyway, for the defense bonus and the extra trade arrow from the city square
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