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  • charmon1

    Ming...come on...I understand trying to be restrained, but if that isn't worth an instant perma-ban, what is?

    You were too nice...I would have booted him for eternity!
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    link, Please?
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      Looks like he made a DL to keep on whining in the civ3 general forum...


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        I'd have banned him outright at CGN for that entry to the doubts. Don't relinquish his restriction.

        Charmon? Is that like a Jamaican tea boy or something?
        Speaking of Erith:

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          It's probably just MarkG blowing off some steam
          Yeah, Moe, that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

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            what did he do get banned in the first place?
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              i thought charmon was toilet paper

              i have no idea what were talking about. did another of the civ3 players go off the deepend? it seems like a weekly occurance these days


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                Isn't that Charman or something?

                He was just some idiot whining in the chatroom, then said he was going to post some dumb threads, which he did. He posted another one, but it got deleted and I think he got banned... I'm not sure though.


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                  First thread in Civ 3 general

                  Second thread in OT

                  Ming went off line. TP man came back with a DL, flash... something or other. Started a new Poly sucks thread in Civ 3 general.

                  That one went on for several hours as he held court. Some of the natives alternated between calling him a twot and fretting over the absence of the stong hands of retribution we are normally accustomed to. Going on 4 pages last time I checked in from work.

                  I emailed Mark and Dan. That thread is gone. So too is the DL account it seems.
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                    NYE, is it really necassary to go hunt down those threads just for a +1?

                    He got a 1 week ban from his thread in the OT forum, but I'm sure he's been IP banned, since the DL is gone now also.


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                      Originally posted by Trip
                      He got a 1 week ban from his thread in the OT forum, but I'm sure he's been IP banned, since the DL is gone now also.
                      Oh NO! Now he's going to sue Apolyton! He said so himself in the chat room...

                      Tutto nel mondo burla


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                        He should be awarded with the "Eternal Poly Fag" award. The only thing I can say is: "Jeez! What a Fag with capital F!"

                        People like he are more than hilarious.
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                          I wonder who's DL he was... EVC?
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                            probably yours DC