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  • Ignore list problem

    I couldn't find a forum about the forum itself, but I think this one should be close enough for my problem.

    In the Civ3 stories forum I came across the thread called "World At War!!!!!" started by easthaven.

    Somehow things got messed up and posts of easthaven are ignored. I can't remember putting anyone on my ignore list and when I go to the control panel it's emtpy. I'd like to have easthaven unignored but that seems to be impossible. The account probably doesn't even exist anymore.

    Help please

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    Re: Ignore list problem

    The account probably doesn't even exist


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      If you use the Ultra Light Special style, then these people will no longer be ignored. Or maybe it is just me - I don't have these old accounts on ignore for some strange reason.
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        Unfortunately changing styles doesn't help.

        I can't remember putting anyone in my ignore list. Ever.
        Reading the replies here I get the impression these old accounts are supposed to be on ignore.

        That can't be right, can it?


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          Nah there are just some problems for most users in many older threads (I am ignoring MarkG ). IIRC Skanky (supsiciously) doesn't have the problem, so perhaps you should follow his advice.


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            15 days since the last thread on this topic. Too bad Rah said we can't have a contest.

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