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  • Nomic

    The Rules of Nomic

    Nomic is a game in which you change its rules. A game has recently started up at MZO (see my sig if you want to take a look at it), and I was wondering whether people here might want to play and whether Markos would be interested in making a little forum here if there were a lot of people interested in playing.

    COmments? Ideas? If we did play, we wouldn't use the exact starting rules I linked to above, but it would probably be something based on them.

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    This strangely reminds me of the amendment craze in the Civ3 democracy game last July... An interesting concept, but not really for me (the legalese makes my head hurt)
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      Isn't Nomic that Douglas Hofstadter thing? I remember playing this as a drinking game in college with some philosophy students who lived across the way from me. Can't imagine playing it sober.
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        I too would have to be insanely drunk to play this. And I would have to be completely sober to keep all the rules straigh. Perhaps the game just isn't for me.
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          I'm with Skanky on this one.
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            I wouldn't be able to play it even if I was drunk.
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