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Wierd Science - Turn Tracking Thread

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  • Wierd Science - Turn Tracking Thread

    This is a SMAX Game

    Players, in turn order, are:

    Black Sunrise - Gaians -
    Northswordsman - Hive -
    Radman - Peacekeepers -
    Flubber - Drones -

    Custom rules activated are:
    all five winning conditions;
    do or die;
    look first;
    spoils of war - steal tech when conquering base;
    no Unity survey - world map not visible;
    bell curve - no random events

    Huge Planet, 50 - 70% water, average everything else, but here's the kick:

    The evil Zakharov, together with his two submissive cronies, Aki-Zeta 5 and Datakjack Roze, have somehow already tapped into Planet's neural net and have established the Planetary Datalinks. In doing so, however, they somehow destroyed mankind's ability to build the Empath Guild - and not only that, their tampering results in an inability to find a tech in the Unity seed pods.

    There's worse. Inadvertently they have also managed to render Council inoperative. You cannot elect a Governor, salvage the Unity core, launch a Solar Shade or enact a Global Trade Pact.

    Truly you are on your own - battling not only each other for supremacy, but also trying to avoid succumbing to the fiendish experiments of wierd science run amuck.


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    thanks googlie -- looks interesting. you seem to be getting more inventive and fiendish with each game you establish

    Oh and are the rules "tournament" standard or are there some variations? I will play under any set but its nice to have them clear at the outset.
    You don't get to 300 losses without being a pretty exceptional goaltender.-- Ben Kenobi speaking of Roberto Luongo


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      Googlie, You are Weird.

      I look forward to playing!

      Black Sunrise


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        As a suggestion, here are the Forum Wars rules (amended to reflect the lack of council, etc for this game)

        • Communications - none till contact or obtain commlink
        • Total freedom in Design Workshop (upgrades anytime, during turn or on-field)
        • Retro-engineering - OK, except for using the probe rover chassis before discovering Doc. Mobility
        • SE switches "quickies" forbidden - (obviously you can experiment to see what effect various SE choices have, but cannot change, play moves, then change back in the same turn)
        • Stockpiling in Qs anytime - OK
        • Crawlers Upgrade anytime - OK (see Design Workshop, earlier)
        • Probe actions: Must choose vendetta option when probing other players, rebuke when probing pactmates (OK to probe teammate at any time)
        • Demanding withdrawal through the menus rather than by negotiation is prohibited
        • Multiple drops - cannot use the right click mouse feature to extend range of drop units beyond the 8 tiles (pre Space Elevator)
        • Base growth through Colony Pods - can be used to increase a base size up to the applicable pre-facility limit, but cannot be used to breach that limit without the facility being built.
        • Psi units cannot be assigned multiple waypoint patrol routes (to avoid instant demon boil bug)
        • Cannot accept pending treaties/pacts after declaring vendetta in the same turn
        • Cannot change an infiltrated faction's workers to specialists, for example by using the F4 screen (or the bases icon of the F2 screen)

        Seems to work OK there



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          2101 to Northswordsman

          6:28 PM
          7:04 PM

          Had to reboot my system a few times.
          Glad to be aboard! Lets get started!


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            Yikes! Googlie, where DO you come up with these ideas?

            Turn to Radman, 7:12 pm Eastern US time.


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              Hi all:

              Move received at 5:15 pm, played and sent on to the Drones at 5:26 pm MST. Eleven minutes!!! Not bad, wish they were all so quick!!!!



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                36 minutes
                8 minutes
                11 minutes

                Not bad, so far!


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                  2102 to indra

                  well my post was 7 minutes after his but 13 after his stated send time
                  You don't get to 300 losses without being a pretty exceptional goaltender.-- Ben Kenobi speaking of Roberto Luongo


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                    2102 to NorthSwordsman

                    Found a Monolith, ugrading units.

                    Move sent
                    3 minutes.
                    Eat my dust.


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                      well I won't even try to beat 3 minutes

                      hmmm I wonder when I should take the bus home (40 minutes)
                      You don't get to 300 losses without being a pretty exceptional goaltender.-- Ben Kenobi speaking of Roberto Luongo


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                        I've been trying to get down to 1 minute for a while.
                        Never seems to work out.


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                          rec'd 7:43, sent 7:48.


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                            I should share with you all what I relayed to Flubber (in response to the vacancy in the Strife game)

                            I had so much fun with playtesting Wierd Science that after 20 turns (when all seemed balanced) I exited and then opened it as a single player scenario, playing as the PKs.

                            I got my butt royally kicked by Zak and his wenches. He was fusion needlejets when I was discovering ind auto - the other free AI's wouldn't talk to me (I was in vendetta with the Hive almost from first contact), and his probe defenses - sheesh (there's a scenario tweak you can give in the faction strategy section "build lotsa missiles', build lotsa arty", build lotsa probes". I set it up with the probe option, and he did !!!

                            I'm going to try again tonight, this time as the Gaians.



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                              I've learned some lessons on how to come behind when your enemy has a tech lead in my KeygensX game. There, I've been no closer than 15 techs behind the leader all game, but I'm rapidly on my way up.
                              Do we have other players com frequencies, or are we exploring to find them first?