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AXT 043 Year 2160 onwards

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    2189 to the Provost.
    May the fungus be with you...


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      2189 to comm a few hours ago.
      Team 'Poly


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        2190 to comm
        Team 'Poly


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          2191 to comm


          Well I eliminated cbn/flubber this turn. The game ending bug popped up and the game ended. I replayed, and just parked my units outside his base(Gagarin Memorial).

          Normally I would just ask him to burn his last base. This has always worked before. In this case however, I would like to keep the base. I don't know if there is any provision for doing this in AXT games.

          The way it would be done is that either I, cbn, or Tau, would take control of that last base. Disband units to make a colony pod. Build another base. I would take Gagarin Memorial. Then burn last base.

          My preference would be that I do it if I can get cbn's password, or that cbn do it himself. I'd rather not ask Tau, because it will take a few turns.

          cbn or I will have to cancel the pact, and break the treaty with everyone asap to minimize "ghost" trade income.

          Details would need to be made with me or rasta to figure out where to place the base that will be burned.

          The only complication, would be if rasta had intended to sneak attack me right away.

          Any comments? If this is too complicated, or not allowed, then I am fine with just burning the base and then trying to border push rasta back.
          Team 'Poly


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            I will assist in whatever manner makes the transition easiest. Good game gang !!
            You don't get to 300 losses without being a pretty exceptional goaltender.-- Ben Kenobi speaking of Roberto Luongo


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              Thanks, Flubber!

              Would you be willing to give me your password, or would you rather do the dirty deed yourself.

              I haven't exactly thought through the details but they might be only 3 turns:

              1. Rush a cp by disbanding units(keep 1 to burn the new base. Move cp 2 squares to a spot where it. Old base should be without unit if size 2, or with unit if size 3, so it ends up size 1 after I take it(same as in original. Cancel all pacts, and arrange workers to minimize commerce income, without starving base to size 1.

              2. Build "Base-that-will-be burned" on a road 2 tiles from original in a place that disrupts production of either my or rastas bases as little as possible. Continue to try to minimize commerce income.

              Then I capture Gagarin Memorial.

              3. Burn new base.

              If you want the "fun" of doing this, you are welcome, but if you are willing to give me your password, it may be "easier" if I do it. Either way is fine with me. Rasta, have you any objections to this plan. Does it affect your plans in any way?

              Team 'Poly


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                go ahead as you've planned it. I don't really understand the problem but it seems to be difficult. I mean, I've had people eliminated from PBEMs before without all of this but I don't really care: I trust you'll do it all fair and correct, so go on ahead.
                Bye, flubber, it was nice havin' you round
                we'll miss you...
                May the fungus be with you...


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                  Ok Rasta. I got Flubber's password, so please pass his turn to me. thanks,

                  Team 'Poly


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                    Turn on to Rasta...

                    Good game Flubber.
                    It hurts to be on the cutting edge!


                    • 2192 to UoP, eh sorry to the protector, who is administrating UoP.
                      May the fungus be with you...


                      • 2192 UoP to bc
                        2192 bc to comm


                        When I opened the UoP turn, I was surprised to see that the election had been called. It is standard proceedure to send email notification to all, if you call the election, or see that an AI has done so. Then everyone should post in the thread a running total of the voting so far(as I have done). This gives all players an equal opportunity to garner the votes of AIs and other human players. No harm done in this case, as I was able to do the negotiations I needed after the UoP turn.

                        For the UoP, I voted abstain. Had I captured the base, it would have been only 1 vote, whereas this way it was 3. In this case it didn't matter, but I wonder what the protocol would be if that 1 vote made the difference. I suppose it would have been proper to then us the UoP vote to vote for myself to get the same outcome as if I had captured the base and the game had not ended.

                        As the UoP interm "protector", I disbanded 3 units in base to finish a CP, and disbanded all other units except 2, one to burn the new base, and the other to ensure the last base goes to size 1 on capture, if it is necessary. The good news is that because cbn burned a couple of bases I did not have to worry about ghost trade income.

                        I will make the new base 2 squares east of Gagarin Memorial on 50,40. This will have no effects on rasta, but will take 3 turns.
                        In 2195, cbnnot will build base-that-will-be-burned
                        2195, I(bc) will capture Gag Memorial, and rename Flubber Memorial.
                        2196 cbnnot will burn last base.


                        The planetary council election has been called.
                        Email notification has been sent to all (remaining) players.

                        The candidates are bc and Lal(ai)

                        Voting so far:

                        Rasta 54 votes - Lal
                        Lal.... 76 votes - Lal
                        cbn... 3 votes - abstain
                        bc.... 96 votes - bc
                        still to vote:
                        comm 36 votes.
                        Team 'Poly


                        • 2193 UoP to bc
                          2193 bc to comm


                          UoP colony pod on it's way to base site.
                          should be 3 more turns
                          1. move
                          2. build, capture Flubber Memorial
                          3. burn

                          Sorry for the reload on the UoP. My little one started the old computer next to this one, and this one rebooted. Hmmm... 2nd time that's happened. Wiring looks ok. Maybe I'll try plugging the UPSs into different wall outlets.

                          Thank you all for electing me to a second term as planetary governor.
                          Team 'Poly


                          • 2194 to comm last night. (Couldn't get on to 'poly)


                            Delay of 1 year on the "plan" as the colony pod was ZOC blocked, and couldn't move this turn.

                            PS. I solved the rebooting problem. One of the UPSs had a fried battery. *That* shouldn't be a problem from now on.
                            Team 'Poly


                            • 2195 to comm
                              Team 'Poly


                              • 2196 to comm.

                                UoP will be gone next turn.
                                Team 'Poly