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Turns of OktoberFist II

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  • Turns of OktoberFist II


    Misotu: Peacekeepers (
    big_canuk: Hive (
    Xwaste: Gaians (
    Jschwab: University (
    RedFred: Morgan (
    Drones: TBD
    Googlie: Consciousness (

    Settings :

    Transcend level
    Huge Random Map (OKF1 was MoP)
    Average everything
    All winning conditions on
    Directed research
    Accelerated Start

    Turn 2131 sent to Lady XWaste of the Gaians

    [This message has been edited by Googlie (edited December 20, 2000).]

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    2131 on to Chairman big_canuk


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      Great, we're off. Thanks for starting the game Googlie!

      Now ... who is going to hold our passwords for us?
      Team 'Poly


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        2131 to jschwab

        Thanks Googlie for starting this one and making me the Hive!!

        xwaste: just ignore that e-mail. My first email didn't go through, but it bounced after the 2nd was sent, so it didn't make sense either, and I didn't know about this game or this thread until I checked which I did between the bounces and if you have read this far then you understand that ...
        Team 'Poly


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          2131 sent to Morgan



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            Off to Styx.

            This accelerated start stuff is interesting in MP. I was surprised by all the instant tech at startup. Cool.


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              Didn,t knew I was on in this game, I can,t remember when I did myself subscribe for it.
              Anyway I looked at these settings:

              As Drones you get only 4 techs by this accelerated start. The resource fields are rotten formed (yes, always with accelerated but...) no minerals almost at each square with solar and farm.

              The SP that are already occupied are disbalancing perhaps even more, PK has the WP for instance where Drones have the Virtual which is pretty worthless for a good start since there are no nodes build in Drone citys and that will not happen soon also.
              That means there is no direct profit possible.

              Then there is the problem of the landmarks eventually related to SP. Drones have none so far I can see. Its very unlikely that all factions are starting without landmarks.
              Main problem seemes however that I have only 1 former which is very unlikely with +2 on industry.

              So question: Are you sure this setup is a balanced situation?
              I don,t think it is sound to join with these settings as Drones.



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                I had e-mailed you on the invite to join OKFist II. You hadn't replied, but we took a flier and sent the turn to you anyway

                The players were all those affected by the 4 week disappearance of Gopher (you were in one of his games, and he was a player in OKFist I) and, to a lesser extent, Deimos (disappeared from OKFist I). We wanted to get a game going quickly for these four weeks with a bunch of reliable players nwho could turn quickly.

                I agree on the uselessness of the early SP's allocated in the warp start - and the drones, the lack of formers, the somewhat stupid decisions the AI had made for us in the non-played years (OKF One started in 2181, so the AI had 80 years of mismanagement)

                That was one of the features we were facing as a game limitation - how to prosper and ultimately win in spite of the awful judgement exhibited by the AI in the intervening years (much like when you take over an ACT or AXT game from a dropped out player and say "OMIGAWD, what on earth has he been doing").

                And you were the Drones as I tried to get us playing factions that we weren't playing on our respective stalled games.

                We understand if you don't want to continue given these conditions - if so, just bow out in this thread and RedFred will send to one of our standby replacements - but I hope you'll continue, as to some of the OKFist original crowd (including me) you are a different face that we don't encounter in the games we are in.



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                  I'd like to echo the big_canuk.

                  If Styx, or anyone else for that matter is not happy with their start and wants to switch with the CEO, feel free! (Warning: without giving too much away, I can't see how you could possibly improve your position by doing so.)

                  Random maps and accelerated starts are notorious for inequitable positions. I happen to think that the fun is in playing the game and trying hard to do as well as possible, rather than just in winning.


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                    Ok, the usual comments. I just have to live with it that most don,t care at all about these things.
                    Ok I will send the turn but remember I consider it as a lost position already and its more a training thingy for me.

                    But now another problem, who am I supposed to sent the turn, I don,t have any emailadres yet.


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                      Googlie's e-dress should be in his profile. If not, check the OF1 thread.

                      You still don't sound none too pleased about your position. My offer to switch still stands.


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                        Hi Styx:

                        Sure hope you decide to continue. If you thing Drones are bad, how about Hive??? I was UoP in OktF1, and Googlie just randomly gave me Hive. I didn't know till I got the turn. But with 7 playing, the fun will be in the game and diplomacy, not getting the best faction to win with. If you want, lets switch.

                        I am looking forward to having a good time loosing this one.
                        Team 'Poly


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                          Yes, I have the adres now but on second thoughts I decided not to waste my time on this game. Swapping faction wouldn,t change the problem of Drones are not set in balance.

                          Imagine I have only 5 techs available its very unlikely that I am able to get some tech from trade in time.

                          Special problem is that I just have 1 former. This has forced me to chose for centauri ecology which made a badly needed social engeneering tech unavailable for 26 turns.
                          Then after this I am forced to build at least 2 formers instead of other things to come to normal setup values for accelerated.
                          In practice it will mean that I will fall behind at least 2x3 former turns before I can start to work on a landtile.
                          Since there are no minerals+energy at a same square available to work it means either I drop behind in research or can,t make use of the special faction ability of +2 industry.

                          I believe the start is very important. Special when its accelerated and it will have a deep impact on the gameflow. Thats why I hate this kind of accelerated setup without CMN.

                          To solve the problem I reloaded and erased Drones from the game.
                          I don,t want an replacement player getting frustrated after months of playing finding himself in a hopeless position wondering where things went wrong. turn sent.


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                            Googlie's email address is:

                            I've emailed it to Styx - might be worth adding the e-mail addresses to the top of this thread Googlie?
                            Team 'Poly


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                              Haven't received the turn from Styx yet. I wonder if we could find anyone else willing to take on the Drones at almost impossible odds rather than just eradicate them.

                              Wasn't it Adam Smith that bragged as to how he was unbeatable as the Drones?

                              I'll have no internet access until around noon PST on Thursday (en route to Palm Springs) - I apologize in advance for any delays this causes to our game