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New pbem?/ im Rdy for any replacement need or NEWgame

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  • #16 Im amazed by how much ideas people can have. Yes no broblem with this.Lets do this,Nova.

    RADIO:I think its97.9fm. Well, I dont listen to the radio
    that often but CHOM is one of my favorite. Sorry I donno much about that...Darsan

    For the faction choice I will go for spartans.
    Initial pact teaty is a very good idea i think.
    What do you think?Zeiter??

    By the way, how do we change the title of the thread?


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      We make a new thread.

      Sparta (and Doc:Mob) isn't all that useful.
      Doc:Mob is used for military techs, and by the time we're doing that we'll have unpacted from xenophobia.


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        ok then i will use morgan


        • #19

          Do we really need 4? We have 3.


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            3 is enough for me. Initial pacts are great. Let's roll!
            Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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              Zeiter, we I have made a new thread for turn tracking.
              "turn tracking testalossa-0"thread.
              Well. I can start?
              How do I do? I create new multiplayer game then
              set the faction and settings....We play in the order made by the game?
              Like, after the biginning, if the very first turn is university, then I send the file to nova, is that it?


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                You can use any map you so choose.
                I'd move for the following attributes:

                Random map
                Medium everything
                I'll set up the map, and tell you my settings.


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                  OK, I will go for it. I gonna make the game file and send to the one who got the first turn. I will post on other thread. to all. Er...Nova,whats your e-mail adress?
                  You got the first turn. I'd like to send you the turn.
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