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New pbem?/ im Rdy for any replacement need or NEWgame

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  • New pbem?/ im Rdy for any replacement need or NEWgame

    Ok, I will start a game by my self.
    I will call the game "testalossa-0". This name is only as
    a reference. Does not bring any sense or meaning in

    I would like to have 4 human players. So I need

    I would say,
    -smac game
    -normal size planet and parameters set to medium
    -AI players & difficulty level of one below transcendant
    -for the other game options give me suggestions

    (sorry if there is any miss-spelled word . )

    I started the game since 2000. pebm experienced.

    Ihave both smac with patch and smax v.2
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    Heah Colonyan,

    welcome to the wonderful world of SMAC(X)! Another good place to look for PBEM's is CGN . It is also home to the SMAC Academy , which is a great way to ramp up your PBEM skills. FYI and good luck in your PBEM's!



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      I would definitely like to get a pbem going. I have SMAC with the patch, but I don't have SMAX (yet). I've only tried pbem-ing once before, and that game didn't get very far before it stalled out, so I'm a relative newbie, but I'd be happy to set one up. I can do 1 turn a day definitely, and probably 2 turns a day quite often, if need be. My e-mail is

      If we do get one going, I call Peacekeepers.

      What kind of game parameters? I suggest standard environment for everything, blind research, tech steal on, and possibly a beefed-up AI. Also, I suggest creating the probe-cruiser unit in the #units section of alpha.txt, if you haven't already done that. It really makes the AI tougher, because then you have to worry about probe cruisers mind controlling and stealing from your sea and coastal bases. Just add this line to the #units section of your alpha.txt file, and increase the number below the "#UNITS" line by one.

      Cruiser Probe Ship, Cruiser, Probe Team, Scout, 11, 0, 0, DocInit, -1, 00000000000000000000000000
      Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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        I Call University.
        I am Enigma. Also a PBEM Newbie.

        I'm known for my expressivity, my eccentricity, and my intolerance of anything between me and the understanding/execution of my ideas.

        I'm capable of double-turning, also.
        I insist we use:
        -=H Y P E R * T U R N S=-
        That is,
        We all have deadlines for our turns.
        These are set to give us all a number of hours (4, say) to play the turn.

        During each turn, a Game Master (GM) shows up.
        The Game Masters know all the game passwords.
        The Game Master that shows up opens up the current turn, presses 'END TURN' immediately, and posts the result on the forum.

        If a player does not get their turn in by the deadline, the next player immediately plays on the penalty turn.

        My play times?
        7:00 to 11:00 GMT (5:00pm to 9:00pm local time)
        19:00 to 23:00 GMT (5:00am to 9:00am local time)

        This enables us to optimally arrange the turns.
        With optimally arranged turns, and immediate penalty for late turns, we can zoom through this game rapidly!

        Now all we need are Game Masters.


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          Looks like I killed this thread.


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            Ah hi,Enigma_Nova.

            Yes, I buy your idea. Dead line is a good idea ithink.
            There are nothing better than a fast moving game.

            I agree also about putting a game master.
            I gonna ask for some one who has most experience
            on pbem. If there are any who wants to
            play "Testalossa-0" game.

            I think I will set deadline for "Testalossa-0"game.
            I hope u come with your univ. faction.
            Let me know if u wanna play.

            I would like to have 4 human players. So I need

            I would say,
            -smac game
            -normal size planet and parameters set to medium
            -AI players & difficulty level of one below transcendant
            -for the other game options give me suggestions

            By the way, will some body teach me how to put
            image under the name? Like, for Enigma_Nova,
            peanut or Snoopy?
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              You need to have at least 500 posts for being able to change your avatar pic. Start posting, I would say...
              He who knows others is wise.
              He who knows himself is enlightened.
              -- Lao Tsu

              SMAC(X) Marsscenario


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                I'll need a moment to think about this reply.

                Ah hi, Enigma_Nova.
                /me waves hello to Colonyan
                I'm suspicious of the new, but bored of the old.

                Yes, I buy your idea.
                I'm fanatical about my ideas and am moody.
                Either my ideas or upset me.
                Expect more honesty and eccentricity than before.

                There are nothing better than a fast moving game.
                IMO the best game is the most rewarding.
                What game increases you most?
                Your idea is correct.
                The more games played, the faster something's learned.

                I agree also about putting a game master.
                Get multiple game masters; my plan needs them.
                I cannot; I'm disliked here.

                Let me know if u wanna play.
                I will join your game and win!
                If that's false, I'll get stronger for next time!

                -smac game
                -normal size planet and parameters set to medium
                -AI players & difficulty level of one below transcendant
                -for the other game options give me suggestions
                Do or Die:
                Having to kill someone 7 times is annoying.
                Bell Curve:
                Wins and Losses should be Skill, not luck.
                Time warp:
                Let the AI build our empires? No way!

                There are many Glitches/Bugs.
                I suggest you say 'No Glitches/Bugs' if you don't know how to exploit them all.
                Reload-scumming is generally frowned upon

                One new thing I'd like to try:
                The human factions can talk to each-other from the start.
                This is enabled by default, but Apolyton plays some crazy rules:
                1. You are not allowed to trade tech or pact before your units meet another faction's units.
                2. You are not even allowed to -talk- about diplomatic strategy beforehand.

                I'd prefer to forego these rules, so the first few turns are crucial, instead of meaningless.
                That way, we can begin the tech trading and backstabbing right away!


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                  Ok, since this is the first time I play here I will
                  follow all your suggestions. We will wait for some
                  other people who might play this one...
                  to Enigma_Nova.


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                    Okay, I could play my turn from 6pm - 12am CDT, which is the same as 12am-6am GMT, I'm pretty sure (I live in the U.S., in Missouri. Here, it is 6 hours behind Greenwich, England, I believe). On the weekends, we could try for multiple turns per day.

                    Some other things to think about:

                    Do we allow the exploitation of the stockpile energy bug? (I'm not even really sure how it works, but I've heard others refer to it.)

                    In the unlikely event that a base revolts to your faction, should we have something established to prevent a perpetual probe-rape of that base? I suggest we give the recieving faction the chance to freely give the base back if they don't want it before any action is taken against that base.

                    Any other bugs/snags that we should sort out beforehand?

                    Also, playing with any difficulty level below transcend is just plain silly, IMHO. We might even want to have the CMN beef up the AI a bit.
                    Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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                      Zeiter thx for writing again. welcome to "testalossa-0"

                      Well I live in Montreal. We have 5hours late time from
                      GMT. In these days my time schedule is unstable.
                      I check the mail 3times a day. Well most of the time.
                      I will keep informe you on that.

                      I have noticed stockpile energy bug on smax before
                      updating. I think that problem has been resolbed
                      from the new patch.

                      For this game, let we play the game as it is. We will
                      found out the problems through the play. Well it's still
                      my suggestion. I don't know about alpha txt modifying
                      to make the AI more stronger. Teach me or u can
                      do as u wish for that matter.

                      If Enigma_Novawants to play, we are now 3. We
                      gonna wait for one more?


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                        Originally posted by Colonyan

                        Well I live in Montreal.
                        Hello Colonyan,

                        do you listen to the radio station CHOM? I grew up listening to this station in the early '80's. When I got out of the military why I really enjoyed the Monday nights with Claude Regault who played alternative scene music in the early '90's.



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                          Base probe rape:
                          Better not let this happen.

                          Stockpile Bug:
                          This is what happens when,
                          there is Stockpile Energy at the front of the build queue.
                          When this happens, Minerals are carried over from the previous build, but you still get Stockpile Energy for a turn.
                          I am neither for nor against this.

                          Do you search for every thread that has the word 'CMN' in it?
                          Whatever map we're using, I'd like to see the Map File.
                          Exploration is luck, after all.

                          If we're allowing Initial Diplomacy...
                          We'll need Initial Factions.


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                            We have:
                            Zeiter: PKs
                            Enigma_Nova: Uni
                            Colonyan: -unknown-
                            -unknown-: -unknown-

                            Initiate Diplomacy

                            Initial pacts are good for commerce and gaining energy.
                            I am interested in as many initial pacts as possible.
                            These pacts may be cancelled at any time and are only for the energy that will result.

                            I have no need for a permanant ally yet.

                            I have no need to pick any fight yet.

                            Technology Trading:
                            In this opening game, 4 technologies are vital:
                            Planetary Networks
                            Industrial Automation
                            Centauri Ecology
                            Ethical Calculus

                            The factions playing are:
                            Morgan (I trust at least -one- person is Morgan)

                            I'm making a map to simulate what tech trades are possible.
                            There's a mod 3 rule which prevents you researching all 'available' techs.
                            Attached Files


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                              First Techs:
                              Uni: PlaNets & InfNets
                              Morgan: IndBase
                              PKs: Biogenetics

                              The trading goes:
                              Uni selects PlaNets as first tech
                              Uni starts research on CentEco
                              Uni offers pacts to Morgan and PKs
                              Morgan starts research on IndEcon
                              Morgan offers a pact to PKs
                              Morgan accepts a pact from Uni
                              PKs start research on SocPsy
                              PKs accept pacts from Uni and Morgan
                              Uni pre-accepts and sends PlaNets to Morgan
                              Uni researches CentEco
                              Uni pre-accepts and sends CentEco to Morgan and PKs
                              Uni starts research on SocPsy
                              PKs researches SocPsy
                              PKs pre-accepts and sends SocPsy to Uni
                              Pks start research on Ethical Calculus
                              Uni accepts SocPsy
                              Uni switches techs to Ethical Calculus
                              Morgan researches IndEcon
                              Morgan starts research on IndAuto
                              Uni researches Ethical Calculus
                              Uni pre-accepts and sends Ethical Calculus to PKs and Morgan
                              Lal accepts Ethical Calculus
                              Lal switches techs from Ethical Calculus to Gene Splicing

                              That's one big ass tech boost.
                              IndAuto one tech earlier, and Gene Splicing arriving at the same time!

                              Territory negotiations:
                              None as of yet.