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  • Nessus Canyon

    yesterday I was going thru Alpha.txt and near the end came a paragraph with all the landmarks in it. along those usual ones there were also this "Nessus Canyon". what is it? I haven't encountered it in the game. can it be brought into the game somehow? what are its stats? and so on.....
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    It's a landmark that the lazy programmers were going to put in but never made the code for it to generate on a random map and just left it there. Basicly, it carves a tunnel through high land. Try putting it on 3000ft land. If a river is nearby, it will probably go through it. it might give a +1 mineral bonus, can't remember.
    edit: Oh yeah, you place it with the scenario editor.
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      Originally posted by Patashu
      edit: Oh yeah, you place it with the scenario editor.
      really thanks
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        Here are some links to map-editing threads. The first of each pair is to the first post of the thread. The second is to a post (by me ) in that thread that refers to the Nessus Canyon.
        You have to add it to the map manually in the editor, and each Canyon square does give +1 Mineral.

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          It's a canyon. A low river runs through 2 high elevations, and gives +1 minerals. I've had it show up in a multiplayer game.


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            That's another thing I didn't know until today.
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              Me neither.


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                I had it in my territory as the Hive in a pbem based on a public map prepared by tfs99 as CMN (I wonder whether his Slartibarfast (?) site with the download is still online), a pbem which started in 1999...

                I had a boreholed Mineral Special on a river in it
                Needless to say, that meant humoungous ecodamage headaches , as I didn't know yet the best tactics to tackle it
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