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    And the Lord told Adam "thou shalt not use a car to go to your work, and for I am the ternal lord, thous shalt use a bicycle"
    Levitic, XIX, 34
    "Just because you're paranoid doesnt mean there's not someone following me..."
    "I shall return and I shall be billions"


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      Demo/Planned (hey its Domai and -30%Prod.
      costs is sweet)/ Knowlege and uhmm Eudo puts me at *drool* +50% Indy mhh but most Games dont last that Long anyway (Domaiiiiii )
      Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!


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        Excellent choice, comrade !

        And, hey, let me see a second
        8 votes for Free Market,
        10 votes for Planned Economy.

        Go, Drones, Get your Freeeedooom !
        "Just because you're paranoid doesnt mean there's not someone following me..."
        "I shall return and I shall be billions"


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          Originally posted by Spacecow
          Thou shalt keep off the grass.

          Originally posted by Pandemoniak
          Go, Drones, Get your Freeeedooom !
          "Your Planned economy is wrongheaded and inefficient,
          Foreman Pandemoniak, and stifles the just and proper flow of capital on this
          planet. I hope you will soon open your markets to a more realistic

          "Foreman Pandemoniak, such an idealistic society is commendable,
          but hardly achievable by a living creature. You need the
          suspension of biological imperatives before you can achieve
          true enlightenment. You should abandon your 'utopia' and seek
          a more practical solution!"

          I think this one's thought control... i'm just putting it here cause its funny not cause i like TC...

          "Foreman Pandemoniak, allowing this free-thinking society in the
          name of 'fulfilling your potential' is truly wrong-headed. The
          only way a drone can 'fulfill its potential' is by a wise and
          benevolent ruler telling it exactly what to do. I pray you will
          see the wisdom of this path soon."


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            Pandemoniak is ignoring our transmissions.

            "Just because you're paranoid doesnt mean there's not someone following me..."
            "I shall return and I shall be billions"


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              "Foreman Pandemoniak, your feeble attempts to provide a paradise
              are undermining my efforts to bring my people to a greater
              power through the use of cybernetics. As long as your policies
              continue you are a threat to my plans...therefore, you must be
              eliminated. Vendetta upon you!"


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                Demo/Free Market/Wealth/Eudaimonia

                But of course, it depends on the faction, the stage of the game, whether you are currently fighting a war, what kind of war it is, ....


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                  Originally posted by Spacecow
                  Almost as silly as a Thought controlled Democracy is a Police State that values Wealth...
                  Howdy Spacecow,

                  I have an easier time picturing a Police State that values Wealth than a Thought Controlled Democracy. Personally, I've viewed Police State as either a psudo-fascist regime or a neo-feudalistic monarchy, both which value Wealth (if not Power) over Knowledge. The only exception in my mind would be Sheng-ji's über-communism (Police State + Planned Economy.)

                  Keep in mind this is all just personal intrepretation.

                  "Peace, love and Planet Busters..."


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                    when are you going to close this and judge the winner? market has caught up to planned and cybernetic is almost even with eudaimonia.

                    "Do you tire of our Vendetta so soon, Foreman Pandemoniak?
                    I will call it off for nothing more than your
                    humble apology and 80 000 energy credits."


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                      TKG, 80 000 is little, Deirdre wanted 191 000 from me in one game.
                      One would be a good time to close the poll! Demo/Green/Knowledge/Eudy, my choice of SE.
                      Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test. Thank you for helping us help you help us all!


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                        geez, 191 000? i've never even had that much, let alone have the AI demand it! if i did have that much, the AI wouldn't be in a position to make demands. 'sides 80 000 is enough. just think how many X shard tanks i could buy with that! and you dont want to be running "eudy" when i do...


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                          Eudy + Fundie allows the construction of elite units and gives +1 (int base tile) morale from Children Creche compared to a 0 morale setup.
                          Additionally you could buy 25% more shard tanks while running Eudy thanks to +2 industry.

                          Btw, my vote was for Green, but should have been FM, because I thought the poll was for your favourite combined SE settings, rather than your favourite from each field. In which case my preference is
                          No preference/ Free Market/ Wealth/ Eudo


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                            Police Green Wealth Cybernetics

                            Police + Green + Wealth + Cybernetics =
                            +1Economy +2Efficiency +2Support -2Morale -1Police -2Growth +4Planet +1Industry +2Research.

                            Not that bad of a combination, really, if you play the kind of game into which it fits. It is a combination I use frequently as The Hive and shooting for specific Secret Projects, so I think it is a valid ballot.

                            Hive + Police + Green + Wealth + Cybernetics + Ascetic Virtues + Living Refinery + Network Backbone =
                            -1Economy +4Efficiency +6Support -2Morale +3Police -1Growth +4Planet +2Industry +2Research.

                            The -1Economy is no big deal: It's only -1€ at the HQ.

                            The -2Morale is easily countered by Command Centers (Command Nexus), Bioenhancement Centers (Cyborg Factory), and Naval Yards (Maritime Control Center).

                            With maximum Support, Police, and Planet, along with the +2Industry, you can send out swarms upon swarms of Worms, Isles, and Locusts.
                            I am on a mission to see how much coffee it takes to actually achieve time travel.


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                              Even though I agree with most of your policies, (even the CCCP in your sig), I must disagree with your rule of Planet. Foreman Domai only thinks he knows what is best for the drones, but the benevolent Chairman Yang truly understands the course that society must make in order to become a utopia!

                              Maybe you should join the (N)CPA?

                              Like I said before-

                              Police State/Green (Planned)/Knowledge/Thought Control.

                              Let Pravin Lal bend his knee to the superior Human Hive!!!!
                              Despot-(1a) : a ruler with absolute power and authority (1b) : a person exercising power tyrannically
                              Beyond Alpha Centauri-Witness the glory of Sheng-ji Yang
                              *****Citizen of the Hive****
                              "...but what sane person would move from Hawaii to Indiana?" -Dis