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    I've been playing SMAC about a year now and somehow only just recently found out about Alien Crossfire. My problem is finding a copy. Anyone out there have an extra for sale or know whose got a copy in stock? Marty

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    You can go to , and shop it there, or go to Chips&Bits, Apolyton sponsor.
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      26 used copies for slae/trade at, a sale /trade matching service.
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        ... except that none of those retailers has any stock. I went searching on behalf of a friend who's on a SMAC binge again. He never did buy AX, and now he can't find it. I checked 29 pages of results in a Google search and didn't find anything promising. Even isn't selling it anymore. The same goes for the Planetary Pack.

        He may end up buying a used copy on ebay.