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Faction Editor problem (SMAC/X)

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    Hmm, I did a reinstall. The Faction Editor is still corrupt. I have this problem on (at least) two different computers and they have different graphics cards. The one I've been testing all of this on has a GeForce4 Ti 4200 (Nvidia). I'm not sure about the current drivers.

    I did find this post: discolorations and other oddities..

    And this post: Faction Editor in Planetary Pack

    Maybe, I'm not the only one facing these problems. Thanks a lot for your help, Skanky Burns

    (Edit: Added second link.)
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      Very strange. Ti 4600 for the record. Sorry you couldn't get it working.
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        Ok, I've re-installed the game several times using different patches without any luck (I've even tried a, well, 'alternative' version of the Faction Editor--same result).

        However, I am now less likely to think the problem is my version of the game (Planetary Pack). Thankfully, the game is intact (apart maybe from sometimes strange 'holes' in the unit chassis/armor graphics...)!


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          I have the same problems.
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            I have exactly the same problems too.
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