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  • A little Irony

    Colonel Corazon Santiago (with an accent on the o in Corazon)'s name means 'Heart' in Spanish...

    Considering that she is the most cold-hearted and cold-blooded of the faction leaders and supports war...

    This is a bit Ironic.

    Are there any other Ironic happenings in Alpha Centauri which you noticed?
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    Does the translation mean 'good' hearted, or just heart. If it's just heart, that works just as well for cold of heart. It also works if the implication is 'emotional'.
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      Corazon does mean heart, and Santiago is a an archaic linguistic carryover. "Iago" like the nasty fellow in "Othello," and the whole thing just means "Saint James," who is the patron saint of Spain. Lots of Spanish-speaking countries have cities called Santiago (the biggest Santiagos being in Cuba, Chile, and Spain), but as a last name I don't know how common it is. The only person I know of who has it is the guitarist from the Pixies.


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        I like Santiago. She seems to be all business, and I can usually work with her. She is a good opponent who builds as well as attacks (which is a lot more than I can say for many factions) and therefore she usually gives me a good game. She is in short a gamer to the very end. I prefer her to most of the others, especially Lal (yes you have been running Democracy longer than I have, but I attack you anyway!) Miriam (relentlessly pathetic) and Cheese Dong (I am the weakest faction, at war with everyone else, so I must declare war on you!).

        Btw, thanks for the Etymology y'all!
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