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Who would you pick in a SMAC movie?

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    After toying with it in my brain, here are my picks for people to play the original seven:

    Zack: Brent Spiner
    Lal: I agree that Val Kilmer could do this role with ease, and would prolly be great at it
    Morgan: Denzel Washington
    Yang: ???? (Drawing a HUGE blank here!)
    Santiago: Demi Moore
    Miriam: Susan Sarandon
    Dee: (Can't spell her name, but the lady who plays "Deanna Troi" on Star Trek: Next Gen)

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      If you mean Marina Sirtis, I agree- she fits the part well.

      I'm not entirely sure about this, but I'd recommend Chow Yun-fat for the role of Yang.

      Jeri Ryan might also make a good Aki


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        Yang is a hard character, but just now I had an idea. How about Ruichi Sakamoto the guy who played the role of the Japanese captain in "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrens" with David Bowie ?

        Of course he would need a lot of make up to look older but "he's got the looks"...


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          Ah, Marina Sirtis. She was quite an object of unrequired love from my Trekkie friends. One wag dubbed her "Marina Insert-this".

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            Originally posted by vee4473 on 07-01-2000 08:08 PM

            Just picture the fluffy white hair with googlie glasses...he's got the look..

            Eh? Harrumphs into his Laphroaig



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              How about
              Zak : Brent Spiner (the role he played in ID4)
              Lal : Ben Kingsley
              Morgan : Denzel Washington
              Miriam : Glenn Close
              Santiago : Jennifer Lopez or Selma Hayek
              Yang : I dunno, (Jackie Chan maybe?)
              Deidre : Vel is right, Marina Sitis would be a perfect Deidre

              If we are going with the SMAX factions how about
              Domai : Mel Gibson
              Sven : Kevin Cosner (or maybe not because he hasn't had a decent movie since "Dances with Wolves")
              Aki : Jeri Ryan (the character is obviously intended to be like Seven of Nine)
              Roze : Someone else suggested Halle Berry (good idea)
              Cha Dawn : I dunno (how about the kid from 6th sense)


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                Originally posted by Sikander on 07-08-2000 09:00 PM
                Ah, Marina Sirtis. She was quite an object of unrequired love from my Trekkie friends.

                ROTFLMAO!!!! 'Unrequired' love. I think you mean unrequieted love. At least it gave me a laugh.

                BTW, who would play the aliens?


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                  Well, the aliens would be computer-generated special effects (like Species 8472 from Voyager), except for Marr and H'minee, who, as I said before, would preferably be played by Rush Limbaugh and Janet Reno, respectively


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                    How about Boy George playing Cha Dawn?

                    As for Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang, I was wondering whether or not he's meant to be a big burly man, or a compact senior sort of guy. If the latter, then perhaps the actors for Egg Foo Yung (tour guide out of Big Trouble in Little China) or for Mr Miyagi (trainer in Karate Kid movies) would do.

                    If the former, then I'd agree with Chow Yun Fat, although he'd need some real ageing effects done to him. And perhaps bring Jodie Foster back in as well

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                      Pat Mora fro Sheng-ji Yang. He was the old trainer from Karate Kid.


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                          No wonder she hasn't returned my calls!
                          He's got the Midas touch.
                          But he touched it too much!
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                            Walter Koenig (Bestor - Babylon5) for Yang...
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                              Here are some of my (humble) ideas: (If it was a comedy)

                              Jackie Chan as Shen-Ji Yang

                              Sideny Poiter or Martin Lawrence as Morgan

                              That guy from waterworld (Costner?)as Ulrik

                              Leslie Nielson as Zakharov (Ohhh. yes.)
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