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Who would you pick in a SMAC movie?

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  • Who would you pick in a SMAC movie?

    I saw a post dejanews about how SMAC and Homeworld would make decent movies. Hmmm...

    If there ever was a SMAC movie to be made who do you think would be good as the faction leaders?

    I'm kind of at a loss. But I'd like to see Salma Hayek as Santiago, only because she's unbelievably hot.

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    The PERFECT Zacharov would be the one (I do not remember the name of the actor) who played the scientist in Area 51 at "Independence Day", you know, the one who was Mr. Data at Star Trek... Just take the character exactly as he was at "Independence Day" and add red and green glasses plus a microphone...

    I also vote Glenn Close for Miriam and Isabelle Adjani for Deirdre. James (?) Earl Jones would fit for Morgan and Ben Kingsley for Lal.

    A very Santiago-like character was the role of Vasquez, that female marine at Alien 2, actually whenever I see Santiago in the game she reminds me of her.

    As for Yang... well, no ideas...


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      Mr. Data was played by Brent Spiner.


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        Hmmm....Brent Spiner is a fine actor, but he looks kind of young for least to me. Still, I don't doubt he'd make a good Zak.

        James Earl Jones as Morgan? How about Sidney Poiteir? (I probably spelled that wrong)

        Glenn Close would make an excellent Miriam!

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          Rush Limbaugh and Janet Reno would make an excellent Marr and H'minee, respectively

          On a more serious note, Morgan Freeman would make a good Lal.


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            Nicole Kidman as Dee. Hubba Hubba!

            The actress who played Joan of Arc in the Messenger (can't remember her name off hand) for Aki

            Mel Gibson for Domai - Being an Aussie and all

            Kevin Costner as Sven (NOT!!), Howza bouts someone like Rutger Hower (sp?) instead. Or perhaps a Brad Pit or Matt Damon, they could pass as Scandinavian in a pinch.

            Leonardo DiCaprio as Cheese Doodle - Simply cause I'ld like to see him go through the agony of being shaved bald (afterall he is a girlieman)

            Miriam I would recommend Susan Sarandon.

            Zak I could see Val Kilmer playing the role.

            Morgan - Of the ones listed so far I like James Earl Jones, then Poitier, then Freeman, but in a pinch could also accept Lawrence Fishburn.

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              What about Samuel L. Jackson as Morgan? Just give his bald head a wig.

              Svensgaard is supposedly American.

              I think if you gave Spinder a wig, the glasses, adn good makeup work he would be the perfect Zakharov.

              Jeanne D'Arc was Leelee Sobieski.
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                Here are my picks:

                Zak - I like Geoffery Rush for this role. He's a damn fine actor (note his range in "Shine", "Elizabeth" (as Walsingham), and Shakespear in Love".)

                Miriam - I'll go with Ogie's choice of Susan Sarandon for this one. Glenn Close would probably play it a little too over the top for me. The role calls for a little more subtlety to keep it interesting, as Miriam's politics are odious enough to make her a caricature if one is not careful. Meryl Streep would be a good alternate.

                Morgan - I like Samuel L. Jackson or Laurence Fishburne. Most of the other actors mentioned are excellent, but too old.

                Yang - I thought long and hard about this one, and really couldn't come up with anyone. Why aren't there more english speaking Asian actors of note? In a pinch I suppose Gary Oldham could do it. He was excellent in the "The 5th Element" as Zorg, and can make a heavily made up character come alive. He does creepy right.

                Sven - Definitely Brad Pitt. He's such a hunk that it is easy to forget what an excellent actor he is. (Check out "12 monkeys" or "True Romance" to see what I mean.)

                Cheese Dong - I like Edward Norton for this role. He's such a good weasel! (See "Primal Fear", or "Rounders" or "American History X") Di Caprio has the androgony thing going for him, but is too tall to portray Cheese Dong IMO.

                Aki - I like Ogie's choice of Luc Besson's wife Milla Jovanovich, who recently starred in "The Messenger" as Jeanne d'Arc. (That is who you meant isn't it Ogie?) Unbelievebly hot, and exotic enough to do the role justice. (Check out "The 5th Element")

                Santiago - Well Jenifer Lopez has the weapons experience , but probably isn't angular enough to do a good Santiago. Denise Richards is plenty hot, and looks more like Santiago, but I'm not convinced that she can really act. Selma Hayek is plenty hot as well, but suffers from Jennifer Lopez's lack of angularity as well as suspect acting quality. I'll take a pass on this one.

                Lal - Ben Kingsly would be great, though he may resent being typecast. I suspect that Val Kilmer could pull off this role with ease, soley with his immense talent, as could Brad Pitt.

                Domai - A lot of actors could do well here. I like Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson or even John Malkovich.

                Roz - Whoopi Goldberg doesn't bear much resemblence, but her personality is about right IMO. Perhaps Halle Berry.

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                  Pat Mora for Yang.

                  I thought Leelee Sobieski was Jeanne D'Arc in at least one film.


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                    I hadn't heard of Leelee Sobieski before, so I looked up her ... er, looked her up here:

                    You are correct, she played Jeanne in the CBS miniseries. Quite yummy, but I haven't seen any of her films yet.

                    One more thing, I would like to nominate Natalie Portman as Dee.
                    He's got the Midas touch.
                    But he touched it too much!
                    Hey Goldmember, Hey Goldmember!


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                      What about Haley Joel-Osmond (sp?) as Cha Dawn. We would jsut need to make him look Oriental.

                      Halle Berry is a great Sinder Roze.

                      I think Pitt is to young to play Svensgaard personally.

                      Robert Beltran would make a great Domai, I think.


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                        The only pick I could see to play Zakharov
                        would HAVE to be the guy who played "doc brown" in the back to the future movies..what's his name??

                        Just picture the fluffy white hair with googlie glasses...he's got the look..


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                          In a previous post about all this, I voted for what's'erface... uh... Andy MacDowell (sp?) for Deirdre, but I also now think Ashley Judd would be great... she has this warm, earth-mother vibe to her, but also (as we've seen) a vicious streak. She's the one, I think.


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                            Wow, Andy McDowell THE PERFECT Deirdre !!! Yes Helium Pond : She's the one to get the role...


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                              What format would a movie take. Would it be just the original factions or would the SMAX faction s be used. It would be one or the other since the original factions don't really appear in SMAX. One idea would be to tell the story of the Unity (as described on the Firaxis website) It might be dificult to come up with a plotline that takes place on Planet that mainstream moviegoers could understand