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Managing Obsolete Units?

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    Originally posted by gwillybj
    Regarding Auto-Prune: ... Auto-Prune retires already-obsoleted designs if you have none of that unit type remaining. ...
    Is that for real? I can't say that I've ever noticed obsolete designs (with no units) disappearing of their own accord and I do try to keep an eye on the units in the DW (especially when I get close to a new reactor). I do try to get rid of them myself (by upgrading the upopulated design), and by no means am I compulsively keeping track of them, so it could be happening, but still I think I would have noticed, especially as there are some designs you can't or don't want to bother upgrading like when you stop using foils or perhaps NJ's. Also, I understand that there are problems with retiring the intrinsic designs in PBEMs, and I have occasionally obsoleted some of the basic ones, like regular formers or probes so that I wouldn't build them by mistake - wouldn't the game then retire them by this theory and thereby create some havoc among the other players? I know if half my probes disappeared all of a sudden I would not keep it to myself .


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      The pre-defined units (as listed in alpha.txt) are always a special case, thus they are not retired by the auto-pruning. But I have experienced the retirement of other unit definitions as I described.
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