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ogre mk. III out of supply pod!

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  • ogre mk. III out of supply pod!

    I've never heard of this happening before - Mk. III's always seem to be spoken of in hushed tones as mythical units!

    I think it must be research related - I had just got the tech. that gives you 8r armour (forgotten what it is called) quite early on in the game

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    id say its more related to timeline, think ive got 2 or 3 at quite different stages of tech but roughly same late game time when theyre absolutely useless because uve got choppers and orbital insertion troops.
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      fluffy, if you somehow figure out what the pre-requisite is. Please post.

      See Battle Ogre Mk3?!? thread - at that time I was wondering if they existed at all...

      I've only seen the Mk2! Never found one myself, though... It's a good idea to have pod scattering turned on! That's all I know...
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        You're the man, fluffy!
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          Originally posted by Mr. President
          You're the man, fluffy!
          :laugh: I wouldn't go that far!

          I'm almost sure that the pre-requisite is Sentient Resonance, but I don't know any way to confirm it for sure.


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            I have NEVER seen a Mark3 , probably because I quit any game when I am so far ahead that the AI has no chance. By the time the y come around though I don't see that there is much to get excited about. Their lack of drop ability makes them a pain to move around

            Now an early Mark I is something to get excited about. I've used those babies to crush an early neigbour . . . that 6 weapon is something else when most of the enemies don't even have 2 armour yet
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              Don't forget that once 90% wounded a Mark I still has purposes. Take it back to a base needing police garrison or better yet cash it in to rush an SP.
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