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what should i build on squares?

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    mark13 -

    Dealing with eco damage: Well I build lots of formers and raise land like crazy & also build pressure domes, just in case. I also, keep good trance combat troops around to eliminate the fungi blooms.
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      quick question that only remotly relates to the orig topic. Can a port base gate a supply foil to a land locked base to change home status then gate it back to launch it into the sea?

      I guess it really doesn't matter since gates come late in the game, and you will have missed out on a huge cache of energy, but just wondering.


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        Answer is yes.

        Answer is also yes it almost always is too late to make a dif as well.

        "Just puttin on the foil" - Jeff Hanson

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          "Two reasons:
          a) you don't get any nuts from borehole squares,
          b) the effect of eco-damage is smaller outside the base radius. (I think)"

          Interesting! I tend to go the other way. Once I get crawlers, I put as many boreholes as possible in the city radius, and then use crawlers for nuts.
          The spaces in between the boreholes, I normally put a condenser and farm, and but a crawler on it for the 4+ nuts produced.

          As you can see I tend to ignore eco damage. Most of the time I run about 80-300 eco damage per city.

          I have no living enemies!
          I have no living enemies!


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            Eco-damage can be a hugely crippling factor mid/late game, when the sea levels begin to rise. This is why I tend to be very wary of it - in my last 5 SP games, the sea levels have risen only once....

            But it is an interesting idea, but eco-damage, for me, would be the big equaliser - I wouldn't be prepared to subject Planet to all that damage for the sake of a few extra minerals...

            On that note, does anyone put condensor/farms on nut specials? This should, if I have my maths right, give you 7 nutrients:

            - Rainy square: 2
            - Farm: 3
            - Nut Special: 5
            - Condensor (+50%, rounding down): 7

            I have tried this once, and it works quite well. Of course, put a soil enricher on it to give 9 (10 in the jungle)....

            We're back!


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              Mark13 -

              For me I always "n" the nut specials. Your math looks right. My current game has one city with 3 in the radius, getting 8+ nuts each hex.
              I have no living enemies!