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MY-2203 (real) Planning & Execution Thread

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    Here it is - I haven't done anything other than just open it - do you want to carry on with the turn (I have houseguests with me and won't be able to do much for a few hours yet)?

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      Actually I won't be able to play this turn (I've got school and other things today and I won't be home until late). Someone else will have to play it. Sorry.
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        Here it is - a little bit rushed, though

        Highlights are:

        changed to POWER
        Took another Hive base
        Upgraded some cdfs to 3-res ECM defenders in the newly captured bases
        put F-8's in production wherever vacant build orders

        rest is self explanatory from the save
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          Hmmm, for some weird reason, when I opened the zip file, there weren't any files inside, although the file size itself was 110 Kb, just what one would expect.

          Anyways, I was able to look at the earlier version of the turn. Things look good. I see Yang tried a few sorties against us with his aircraft. I assume we chewed up that portion of his airforce just a bit with our fighters?

          I also noticed that the Angels are massing some aircraft in the nearest captured base. I assume they will be going after us, not Yang. In that case, we doubly need SAM rovers and fighters in that section ASAP.

          I hope that you rushed the several military build orders that were very near completion to the point of having more than 10 minerals spill over next turn and be wasted. Besides, we need those units in action ASAP.

          If we can just get a few ground units in the Southern Arcadian sector, we will have adequate defenses there. I suggest we keep a few air units held back from the front lines so that our defense is deep and capable of counter-attack if the Gaians invade there. We can assign the other planes, especially the BX-8s, to bombing runs in Gaian territory.
          Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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            Zeiter, I had no problems unzipping it, but I've zipped it again, hopefully you can look at it now.

            Our 3 west-most bases in Yang's former territory are vulnerable for Angels air attack (and ofcourse vulnerable to Yang too)

            Hopefully Zeiter can come up with a nice battle plan again before the next turn...
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              I'm just following the events, haven't downloaded a turn for several weeks now but...

              I would say X attacks (2 or 3) on the Flower's Preach not only would deal them a (small) blow but would permit us our short term goal: infiltration by drop-probes.
              If possible, it's well worth a few credits.

              By the way, since we are now at war with everybody, who cares if we keep on gassing after sunspot activity ends? Sanctions, my eye!

              As for the Hive, better to keep it as a buffer zone (and build SAM-sentinels in those newly-conquered bases) than expose ourselves to a double attack by DA and Gaians.

              Gonna try to look at the turn this week before my exams prevent me 3 weeks from connection...
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                Sorry PJayTycy. That one won't work either. Oh well. Thanks for trying. I will just have to use the SAV of the opening of the turn.

                With regards to taking on Yang and the Data Angels:

                As it is now, the Data Angels can already strike at us with aircraft. Furthermore, Yang is doing a pathetic job as a buffer. He could easily go on the offensive and take back Communal Nexus, but he won't do it!

                Therefore, I suggest that, if easy opportunities to seize more Hive bases present themselves, we should go for it, provided that we have enough fighter and AAA garrison strength on hand to guard the new acquisitions. We are already fighting both Yang and the Angels. Conquering more Hive cities will just make things easier on us.

                However, I suggest we make the Data Angel city Communal Nexus our primary target with our air fleet in Yangland. Besides, the Angels have pathetic defenses for that city. Just a plasma garrison (without even AAA or an aero-complex) and some weak fighters. We can deal heavy damage to the Angel air fleet before it even gets a chance to strike at us very much.

                The Hiveland bases should probably concentrate on AAA garrison, considering that elite plasma AAA garrisons near a sensor and in a base with an aerospace complex have a strength of 12.00!

                I assume that the Hive base that was taken this turn was Unity Lair. If that's the case, then we should be careful not to progress any farther south in our efforts against Yang. Doing so would expose us to deadly Gaian bomber attacks. Even Unity Lair is within range of elite bomber attacks.

                Instead, I suggest: Operation Jungle-Saturn

                I will elaborate further in a new thread if this looks promising.
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                Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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                  The strategy appears sound to me

                  Will you be able to play this turn? - I still have my 2 high-maintenance houseguests with me until Sunday of next week (19th), so my internet visits are surreptitious and late at night, and not at all conducive to a contemplative turn