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    tinkered a bit with the build orders - rushed a couple of cdf's in captured bases (to free up the occupying units for the next wave) and had a go at renaming the bases. Slid the sliders to 20% psych to help with the erstwhile Morgan bases' drones, but allocated engineers where possible to generate the revenue

    Spent 110 to MM a fusion lab at Fort Soup (our second best research base)

    Save here is labeled "final" but of course there are a handful of hours left before the turn is due if anyone has any better basename ideas

    (Zeiter - I know I said I'd be unavailable, but I found I could piggyback on another wireless network up here, so have been able to get online. I made the crawler and former moves 'cos I'd been doing those these last few turns and had a good idea where they were to go - hope you don't mind that I also returned aircraft to bases as an adjunct .... as well as handling the captured bases' drone problems)
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      some final tweaks, and the endturn.sav (and sent on to the gaians)
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        That sounds great Googlie
        I'll have a look at the turn when I get home.


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          As posted in Golden Dawn, the Morganites are now deemed defeated, and have been asked to demolish their last base. Congratulations.
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            Originally posted by Snoddasmannen
            Also, the Morgans haven't upgraded any defenders, or even started building weapons.

            I'm sorry to say that it looks like they've given up
            Indeed I had. We lacked the tech for AAA, so our forces would have been pointless, as a 1-3-1*2 doesn't stop many, if any, elite chaos attacks. I knew you easily had the forces to take our top five bases, and the only one in doubt was Morgan Weapons Arm, which I presumed you'd have sufficient to take too. Upgrading defenders (with only 60 ec IIRC) would have been pointless.

            A well constructed attack, coming almost exactly when I expected it Kudos.

            My only wish is that I'd been able to control from say 2190, as then we may have been able to put up a fight of sorts. ResHospitals aren't great for defending against anything!
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              Originally posted by Chaunk
              ResHospitals aren't great for defending against anything!
              True that. I was pretty confused about your (as in: Morgan overall) builds for some time. Calling them suicidal would not be far off in my opinion.
              Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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                You need to replay that 2200 turn to the Morganfinished.sav state (12 Dec) then I can replicate the crawler/former moves, etc to get it on to 2201



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                  Well - it appears that Zeiter isn't reading his PM's, so in the interests of getting the game movign along I'll try and replicate to the best of my ability the moves he made in capturing those last five bases.

                  It may not be exactly the same, but given the eventual outcome it's no biggie if there are differences


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                    Hmm - the problem still persists.

                    When I hit the "turn complete" in this latest save it prompts for the Gaian 2000 save again, just as it did last time around.

                    So the corruption is still there


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                      I just read the PM, Googlie.

                      Hmmm, very strange. I wonder, is there any way we can just accept 1 turn of wierdness and move on? Or will that screw things up even more?
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                        Based on the precedent, after we send the second Gaians 2200, and it comes round to us, we can't move a unit - hitting "turn complete" then prompts for Gaians 2200 for a third time. I guess we could just send that on and see what happens