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    Well we do have some B-4's and B-6's flying, and have B-8(f)s in production. By the time we launch the attack I reckon our airforce will be (without spending any credits to upgrade - but obviously we would):

    - Penetrators
    • 4 x B4's
    • 5 x B6's
    • 5 x B8(f)'s

    - Interceptors:
    • 4 x F6's
    • 3 x F8's
    • 12 x F8(f)'s

    I'm thinking that's prolly enough even without upgrading any aircraft (ie, keeping our credits for upgrading rovers et al)


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      Not having an extension from Drogue, and being past the deadline, I'll finish and post, however imperfect the turn turns out to be.

      Additional moves:
      • Changed the rover colony pod to a regular one, anat Bunker-112, and sailed the slow trannie back to pick it up and transport it to the site
      • sent Kel Harbour's crawler to work a forest tile, and put another crawler in production
      • sent Kel's F-8 en-route for Laconia and 2Nuts
      • limped the damaged Invincible 3 tiles closer to 2Nuts and healing
      • put Minas Tirith's crawler to working the minerals from the forest-min special, and put a CDF in production as pop will grow in 12 turns
      • continued MT's 2 formers towards the designated borehole tile
      • moved one of 2Nuts formers towards the MT borehole tile (the other had no mp's left)
      • Messena's borehole finished, so juggled some workers to take advantage of the minerals and energy
      • shuffled all but one of the boreholing formers to the adjacent tile to finish the mine there
      • jumped our drop missile squad to Craterwest - now in range of Vander eudaimonics
      • sent Vlad's crawler to messena, stopping for 2 nuts on the way
      • dropped FS's missileman into Fort Liberty
      • moved 2 of the Argos formers to the sunny special and started a road prior to boreholing - third couldn't quite make it
      • deployed tegea Harbour's crawler to an unworked forest
      • sent the 2 southern IoD's to meet up below Gaialand - what to do with them?
      • KK from Vijay to Fort Liberty
      • couple of minor tweaks to grow population (eg, forest-working crawler from Kel moved to plains to grow an extra population there)
      That's ready for turn complete, so here's the endturn save
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        Rats - we have a whole day yet.

        (I looked at my watch and it's calendar had moved to Nov 10th, so i thought we had run out of time!!!)


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          If you want I could have a look at the turn within the next nine hours.
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            Yas!! - That would be great!!

            It's mainly the worker allocations, etc, that I'm weak on - not maximizing the bases' potential

            (Of cvourse, units moved are moved and can't be changed, unless mp's are left as would be the case with some crawlers - so MM instabuilds would still be possible in some instances)

            I don't really know why I was so convinced last evening that we'd overshot the time limit but I must admit that I panicked somewhat and just barrelled through the moves on my laptop - which isn't so bad, actually, when hooked up to the monitor, with mouse and keyboard - just slow


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              Now busy with the turn.
              Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
              Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                • HW's crawler moves to the nut bonus tile for an extra nutrient.
                • A DF crawler has been rehomed to ARc. That base now produces enough minerals to finish a B-8 in one turn, so the switch has been made.
                • Kel Harbour was supporting a doctor, but I can't see a use for him. It has been put back to a forest. Hope that's ok.
                • AR only needs one more nut to fill its nutrient tanks. Therefore the farmer has been reschooled to a forester.
                • Moved the new IB crawler already some closer to that mineral forest.
                • Further popbooming has little sense in TH at the moment, as it would need to be doctors anyway. Therefore they've been changed into engineers, and the nutrient surplus has been reduced to less than two.
                • Fort Superiority has claimed the river forest that Argos was working. This results in two extra credits while in AG the extra energy was lost to inefficiency.
                • Some minor worker shuffling done in Ironholm.
                • An AU engineer has been put to work the tidal harness.
                • MT worker changed. Production also changed to a civil guard. As far as I can see the unit can be trained before riots would happen.
                • VV farmer changed to a forester. No need to have a nutrient surplus there.
                • GH doctors changed to engineers and nutrient production stabilized with no surplus. Not very profitable to popboom further at the moment.

                  Suggestions & Things still to do
                • we could rehome some units away from FS so that FS can produce a B-8 in a single turn. Do so?
                • How about hurrying production in GH?
                • We can crawler-hurry F-8 production in FB & OA.
                • TH, AG, AU, 2NS, RG, SC2, SC1 & VV are producing units that wouldn't be elite when finished. Also several of those bases are low-production and their units can't be finished and in position before the planned invasion year anyway. May I therefore suggest that their production is changed to either supply speeders or mobile infantries (those 2-row drop squads).
                  Reason to build supply crawlers: Anything less than producing one unit each turn in each of our bioenhancement centers is an unacceptable waste of our military production capacity. With a steady supply of supply speeders to crawler-hurry we can assure full production efficiency.
                  Reason to build mobile infantries: I assume our air force will do the bulk of base sieging. We still need some land units though to capture bases and garrison them. What better unit than those flexible mobile infantries? Cheap, and morale isn't that important for them.
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                Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                  • OA & FB fighter production hurried. A police unit has been temporarily rehomed to FB - otherwise the mineral would have just been lost.
                  • Three FS units rehomed to other bases. A B-4 to VIJ, a chaos chopper to FL & the MI6 (Mobile Infantry with level 6 weapons ) to TH.
                  • GH transport hurried with 33 credits.
                  • Production switches:
                    TH, AG, SC2 -> Mobile Infantry
                    AU, 2NS, SC1, VV, -> Supply Speeder
                    Should these production changes be unwanted, the crawlers can of course be immediately cashed in again after they're completed.
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                  Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                  Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                    to moves in the 2 previous posts