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MY-2195 Planning & Execution Thread

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  • MY-2195 Planning & Execution Thread


    Some early moves:
    • swapped the Rio Grande 4-min crawler from the mine to the forest to the south, with the Fort Buster crawler working that forest tile.
    • Put an F-8 in production at FB
    • put an F-8 in production at Fort Soup
    • and at Olympus Academy
    • Shuffled the new RG policeman to SC2, and one from SC2 to SC1. Sent the SC1’s Ogre south to board the new cruiser trannie in GH
    • sent the just commissioned civil guard from RG to FB, and moved a CDF from FB to Craterwest, then sent the Craterwest Ogre en-route for GH to board the trannie there next turn
    • Upgraded MT’s Hoplite to a CDF
    • sent the new trannie in GN south to pick up the extraneous units from MT (Ogre, missile artyman and impact infantryman) and returned to GH for staging
    • backtracked the Southern Arcadian trannie and loaded with the 2 missilemen and the amphirover (yes, It was upgraded last turn) – now has 7 units aboard
    • loaded the 2 probe teams onto the IoD (whose capacity is only 2 – it’s just a larval mass IoD)
    • Ran the Disco Volante north where it is hiding in the lee of the university freighter
    • sent the GeneralTacticus to join it
    • sent the F-8 that was flying CAP north to Vijay
    • sent ARC’s F-8 on a northern route to Mendelev college (it’ll reach there next turn)
    • F-6 enroute north reached Tegea Harbour
    • shuffled the scout rover in Cental Arcadia up and down the fungus river tiles – nothing
    • ran the 2 Hoplites in Mt Taygetus thru the fingus, but nothing stirring
    • Moved 2Nuts new crawler to work the newly-completed mine
    Game saved to post for anyone to look at – lots of crawler/former/base builds yet to be determined
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    Hello everybody! I have returned. Things are looking very exciting, troops are moving everywhere towards the Morgans, and they seem to be happily unaware!

    I haven't read through every post so I'm sorry if I appear ignorant here, I am just in a hurry so if I come up with some advice just take it or leave it

    The transport which is harbored in Gagarin Memorial might be a giveaway don't you think? Should we move it out of base range so the Morgans can't see it?

    What are the plans for the speeder colony pods in construction in South Arcadia? Seems a bit obscure to me

    This build up looks very promising! I look forward to another invasion turn-chat within a few weeks.

    I'll be back later today with some more comments on other political events.


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      Just downloaded the turn, will look at it tonight. It'll take time after...what? 7 turns missed!

      Are there some guidelines to crawler/former/bases orders, so I could look at it with the idea behind and bring back suggestions?
      Or is it only improving industrial and credit output?
      Any strategic base foundation in planning? (a seabase to relocate our Air Force closer to Morgania during the attack, perhaps?)
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        Originally posted by Snoddasmannen
        The transport which is harbored in Gagarin Memorial might be a giveaway don't you think? Should we move it out of base range so the Morgans can't see it?
        This counts for all our units btw. If we use Uni bases as a staging point for our air force, Morgan will definitely know in advance we're going after them.
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          Good point.

          The only unit that's currently on automatic to go to a Uni base is that F-8 en-route, so I'll change its orders to land at one of ours.

          As for the cruiser trannie - move it out of their aircraft range and hide it in some fungus nearby the staging base?

          What's our priorities for fusion upgrades?

          It'll cost 360 to get our 3 F-8's and 4 F-6's upgraded to fusion F-8's

          Or our land invasion forces? (the amphiroves and marines?)


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            I'd like to ask for a turntime extension this turn - I have my rig scheduled to go into a PC-Club store today for 24 hours when I'm upgrading my motherboard, processor and memory (all thanks to Civ IV !!!)

            It's a critical enough turn with our prepping a major invasion and I'd hate for anything to screw up

            (If denied, I do have my laptop, but that strains to keep up with the more mature games and is subject to the odd overload crash)


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              I've asked for a 36 hour extension

              (How come Method isn't listed anymore as an ACDG Civ member? - I don't have his e-mail addy, and can't spend the tiem gunting for one of his posts to PM him, so i just sent to Drogue)


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                I should start having some time right after the deadline passes, so with an extension I could help some more.
                Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                  That'd be good. My news is worse than expected - I'll get my reconfigured PC on Saturday, at the earliest.

                  Laptop, though, isn't too bad with the keyboard and mouse hooked up - at least I'm not using that overly-sensitive sensor pad


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                    Some builds (per the Battle Plan)
                    • Fort Buster: an ELITE F-8 (fusion)
                    • Olympus Academy: an ELITE F-8 (fusion)
                    • Rio Grande: an F8 (fusion).
                    • Santiago Citadel: an F8 (fusion) (also sent its ELITE 1-<3>-1 sentinel to GH to board ship)
                    • Messena: Currently completing a supply speeder
                    • Gythium Harbor: Has built one ELITE cruiser transport ( capacity 8 units) Will complete another in 2 years
                    • Minas Tirith: A chaos fusion rover (3 turns, or 2 if rushed)
                    • Two Nuts Strand: An amphibious chaos fusion rover.(3 turns, somewhat expensive rush in 2) – note too that for 110 credits, the Unity rover healing there can be upgraded to amphibious chaos fusion
                    • Sparta Command: An amphibious chaos rover (3 turns)
                    • Vladivostok: A chaos fusion rover (2 years)
                    • Sector Craterwest: MM’d a Chaos Rover with FB’s basic crawler, and sent Craterwest’s new speeder crawler thru FB to rehome there and then work the vacated forest tile
                    • Sector Cratersouth: MM’d an Amphibous Chaos fusion rover with Santiago Citadel’s speeder crawler and 9 credits (it’s now complete)
                    This gives a Laconian battle group of:
                    • 2 Cruiser Transports
                    • 3 Battle Ogres
                    • 3 Amphibous Chaos Rovers (possibly 4 – see 2Nuts above)
                    • 2 regular Chaos rovers
                    • 1 elite plasma garrison (can be upgraded)
                    • 1 impact infantryman (to be upgraded)
                    • 1 missile artyman (can be upgraded).
                    Edit: .sav removed as superseded by a later turnsave
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                      Northern Arcadia production:
                      • Fort Superiority – 2 F-8’s in 3 turns
                      • Arcadian University: 1 B-8 in 3 turns
                      • Argos: 1 F-8 in 3 turns
                      • Ironholm: 3 B-8’s in 4 turns (or 3 if rushes)
                      • Fort Liberty: An F-8 and a B-8 in 2 turns
                      Central & Southern Arcadia
                      • Put an F-8 in production at ARC
                      • Rover colony pods in production at Bunker-112 and Kel Harbour (rush with crawlers?) for the Maniac plan of settling the southwestern rim of the Freshwater sea
                      • rushed the supply speeder (3 credits) at Fort Sol

                      Some moves
                      • Changed orders of F-8 flying to Mendelev – now will head for Vijay
                      • Sent Defiance freehold’s B-4 to Vijay
                      • Sent the trannie north from the Uni base – but couldn’t get out of Morgan’s 8-tile fighter range
                      • shuffled the 2 Hoplites and the mindworm around and in the fungus river tile by Fort Liberty, but nothing stirring
                      • ran the sporer and mindworm in and out of the fungus river tile in southern Arcadia, but nothing stirring there either
                      • ran the Unity rover up the Arcadian Highway, finishing beside the loaded trannie – can board at the start of next turn (and be subsequently upgraded)
                      • flew the 3 B-6 bombers from Vijay to Fort Liberty
                      • put Vijay’s crawler to work the forest and put a CDF in production (2 turns) to be ready for the pop growth in 3
                      Edit: save removed as final now final
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                        Some decisions needed


                        Aircraft? (F-6's to F-8(f) - 240 credits and F-8 to F-8(f) - 120 credits? (we have just over 500 in reserves)

                        2 Unity rovers to Amphichaos rovers? (110 credits each) ?

                        Assorted upgrades to better fusion - e'g' Steppenwolfs, R-112, Spartan kels, etc)

                        Clearly we need more cash flow. Maximize revenue for three or four turns, at the expense of research?

                        Try and borrow from Yang? - or sell spaceflight for 75 credits, notwithstanding that it then gives it to the Angels for free (uni, Gaians and yang infiltrated by them)

                        Thoughts anyone?


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                          I think we should sell spaceflight. If the other benifit from it, Gaia will sell spaceflight to the Angels anyway. Or is that a mistaken assumption? Also, it would be fun to see Hive planetbusters fall on the Angels

                          As for upgrades, I think planes should have priority. I'm guessing most of our fighting will be done with these. There is always some need for weak units to run around chasing undefended or emptied bases. But our bombers and fighters should be as strong as possible to avoid being destroyed or worn down by battle.

                          On the other hand, ground units will be slightly tougher to replace, so let's not neglect them entirely.

                          Do we have plans for reinforcements during the campaign btw? Zeiter? We should be able to bring in more air units or drop units if needed.

                          Otherwise things look great Though I am still confused over the colony pods in southern arcadia


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                            I'm looking over the plans and I think we could use a couple of bombers in the Laconian attack force. We could use a could of B-x's to take out defenders in Impaler Polymers, the smaller bases slightly north or even Red Fungus Resort. Remember F units get a penalty for attacking ground units (right?). Even a couple of B-4(f) would be a nice enough idea, even though I imagine our budget is stretched pretty thin


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                              As for the attack force currently leaving southern Arcadia, they are on a tight schedule. They can just get to 23,27 in order to attack Choke on this in time. But that is a very risky place to be in case they discover us. So how to defend it?

                              We have the GeneralTacticus for one, it can be upgraded to fusion <3>. We also have the coastguard cruiser which can be upgraded likewise for 50 ec. The IoD is also a good defender. In desperation, we can even use the Disco Volante.

                              But, we can also deploy fighters from Mendelev College to fly CAP. This could work I think, the Morgans could think we are sending them down to Heaven, if we maneuver them correctly. Just a couple of F-8 should be helpful. They need at least 3 of their F-6 to take out one of our F-8(f) so we should be quite safe.