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MY 2188 - Planning & execution thread

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    I think that if the defending unit is strong enough to stop a missile, it stops a PB too.

    So, with elite AAA-probability CDF in an aerospace-tachyonfielded city with a sensor nearby, I think we should be safe (if no crawler is crawling in the range of shock).
    It doesn't say we shouldn't get anti-missile techs, just that we don't really have to engage in a race to get them.
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      I think the best "anti-missile tech" is called "Going medieval on their arses". Never, ever wait for others to act. Just look at how scared everyone is because of our activities against all factions. I think we should look like we are "sitting still" only while redeploying forces.

      I am posting a proposal in the Council of War.
      Seriously. Kung freaking fu.