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    Originally posted by Googlie
    Have done, but I was always under the impression (still am) that there is no bug applying to facilities' - or SP's completion - only to units'
    The stockpile energy bug applies to everything. When a facility or SP is completed production automatically resets to "stockpile energy" (meaning you get the free credits), unless you put something else in the build queue. When a unit is completed, production automatically starts on another unit, meaning you don't get free stockpile energy credits.

    That's why I think allowing the stockpile energy bug is fairest - that way facility builders don't have an advantage over unit builders.

    But there's no advantage anyway in putting anything in build, as there are no carry-forward minerals anyway (all 15 are being used)
    I assume you know this, but in case you don't: Minerals are always carried over even if you don't put anything in the build queue.

    Do you suggest then putting crawlers in production at those lesser bases where I have B-4's? ie at Craterwest (to be sent to FB for conversion to a B-6), Vladivostok (for sending to OA for conversion), and Santiago Citadel (same as V V)
    Dunnow. Should run a simulation. IMO we should try to organize it so our aerospace bases produce an air unit every turn - maximizing the use of our aerospace complexes. If we then still have free production capacity, perhaps we could build B-4s in other bases?

    Any interest in selling Zak's commlink to the Angels before they get it from Morgan?
    (though perhaps request that they don't pact with Zak? - on the other side the Angels already have our maps from Lal, so a Uni-Angel pact can't hurt us I guess)
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