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Proposed exchange of technologies with Gaians

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  • Proposed exchange of technologies with Gaians

    Illuminatus some time ago informed me that they will in several turns infitrate Hive for some new technology. Since we currently posses some techs which Gaians do not have, but Yang has, I think it would be good to exchange them in advance with Gaians, so they do not probe technologies that we already have.

    this in particular pertains to Optical computers. I have to check what more, we probably need to ask Gaians if Yang has Progenitor Psych.

    I would recommend to do it. We have to be efficient, otherwise Spartans and Morganities will gain over us.

    Gaians will ofcourse give us later technologies in exchange for those released to them now.
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    Yes I agree with this.
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      Yes, it makes sence.
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        its a no brainer to get something for nothing.those techs will be useless soon
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          Concur on this as well.

          Be sure to make the logical point to Gaians as well. They're getting duplicate protection, and in turn we expect duplicate protection (the spoils).
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