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Angels M.Y. 2102 - MY2110

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  • Angels M.Y. 2102 - MY2110

    The turn's on the Gaians already, and I haven't had any response to my tactica:

    ~Discussion turn 2102~

    Bases are producing Probe Teams - this is to infiltrate the other factions. Factions are probably on the 4 isles surrounding the central Mt. Planety isle.

    Since we're likely to meet The Hive first, we'll probably end up walking through their territory to get to the others. This will be hard with automated units on patrol, so we can expect casualties.

    I suggest the Scout Patrol goes to Kahlua Probing and explores the river downstream.
    The Probe team (IMO) should go 2 squares south and scout out the unexplored area.
    Should there be fungus, go SouthWest.

    Popping a unity pod will give us 1 tech. If we are able to pop 5 pods over the next 3 years, we will get IB one turn early.
    Bases are working the monoliths (d'uh) with energy allocated 30/10/60 for the fastest labs rate.


    Better sort this out quickly - the turn is already with the Gaians!
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    Right behind you.

    So, orders as I've got em so far:

    1) Scout back to KP to move upriver thru thr fungus and pod pop
    2) Probe South along Pholus Ridge

    No worries about sliders or anything for a few turns. Might I suggest CP's as the next builds after set #1 of Probes? Both bases will grow by 1 pop 4 turns after the probes are done - CP takes same mins as the Probe so another 6 turns would see us with 2 more potential bases before 2120 .

    Too early in exploration to see the best sites, but where thr probe is right now looks good - unless you want an energy park along that Ridge?
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      When we get enough formers, we can haul an energy park out of the ground.
      I say build 'em up where they best fit.
      Bases on the ridge would be a good idea, as would a coastbase.
      If anyone's across the ocean, we'd need foils to find and infiltrate them.

      After the probes, CPods would be an idea.
      We might get the famed 'EC pod' which will see those Pods up earlier than expected.

      We'll need to get 80 ECs from somewhere to switch to planned/wealth or freemarket/wealth.
      This might be from a pod or from selling things to Yang - if he hasn't been set to attrocity vendetta.

      If we come across 50 or more ECs in a pod, what should we do?
      1. Switch to PLANNED
      2. Rush the current build
      I'm in favor of 1., which will speed up both production and growth.
      The upside of going FM this early would be an extra +1 energy in the base square - not worth it.
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        GO TURN!
        It's already here. I'm waiting for Makahlua to come online.

        I should warn you that:
        if a probe pops a pod and has some movement points remaining, it can run away from worms.
        If it pops the pod with its last movement point, it will be eaten by worms.

        I'd rather not take the risk; we can cope with tech a turn later, but losing our probe team will set us back majorly.
        It's not like we'll be able to pop 2 pods every turn afterwards anyway.
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          Wait some, please. I'm just online myself and need to see how things are with the replay and mod issues the last two days.
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            1. Morgan has his cash.
            2. The beeline to CentEco and IA has already been tested for mod3 - we'll get there fine.
            3. Drogue is already sorting out the other issues.

            Now where's Maki? She's the official turnplayer.


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              Ok, checked the turn.

              I'm fine both movements.
              But since KP is next to a fungal field, I prefer to keep the scout close to it in the future turns, just in case a stray mindworm decides to have a nice meal. Also, the two bases are so close to eachother that one scout can easily be switched to and fro in case 1 mindworm at a time passes by.

              For the rest, how comes the pod on the fungal rocky tile is not popped in our replay? Wasn't able to keep track of it all the last two days so... *shrugs*

              Enigma: so you're confident that after current research CentEco will be available as a choice, followed by IndEcon and lastly IndAuto? Good!

              Too bad we've lost the nut tile and the free rover, but 2 monoliths is still a good start. Do we delay the popping of that rocky fungus tile then for the next few turns?

              Maki: for next production orders, I suggest 1 cp and 1 scout. I'll really hate losing bases and cp's on mw's...
              He who knows others is wise.
              He who knows himself is enlightened.
              -- Lao Tsu

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                Geo: MWs never spawn within a base radius, or next to a sensor.
                We plant a sensor nearby, that base is safe.

                The Scout can stay nearby, but there are also Pods nearby - and for what its worth, I'd suggest popping them. Especially that rocky fungus one.

                Notice the progression of pods.
                Unity rover, then an Ogre, then into a rocky fungus tile.
                Do you expect me to do that twice in a row?
                And of course I'm confident.

                I hate losing bases too, but a scout patrol in a base won't defend a faraway former or crawler.
                Scout patrols are a temporary solution at best; the only way to save us from fungus is to build a sensor or a base next to it.

                As such, I recommend 2 Cpods as the next builds.
                While I hate to see a base lost to MWs, that won't happen until 2116 - it's better to plonk 2 bases now and use the clean minerals for formers, then sensor next to the fungus.

                Though a Scout Patrol has merit, I suggest we wait. There are unpopped pods, and for all we know, there's a garrison unit in one of them.


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                  This is a scenario setup. For all we know Buster may have set a few mw's around starter locations with a release 10 turns later. We suspected Barinthus did the same in HoF, remember?

                  I certainly agree with popping those nearby pods, more chances to have a good outcome then a bad one within base radius. And for the 'progression of pods' comment, never saw a list posted of how you did this, remember?
                  He who knows others is wise.
                  He who knows himself is enlightened.
                  -- Lao Tsu

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                    Well, I honestly forgot once I knew the turn was being reloaded.
                    Where's Maki? We haven't had objections to this plan, so I presume it's the plan she uses.


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                      It's weekend, she's resting from a wild night at the local disco...

                      Besides, let some more members have their say if they want to.
                      He who knows others is wise.
                      He who knows himself is enlightened.
                      -- Lao Tsu

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                        Maki: Enigma suggested moving the scout back to KP and downriver, ready to pop the pod at 19,63. He did not say move the scout upriver through the fungus to the pod. (although if it met a mw it would win.)

                        Re the Probe, note the warning that if a Mw emerged from a pod popped down along Pholus Ridge and the probe has no movement points left it will get 'disappeared'.

                        When it comes to it, I'd prefer to build a further two Cps.
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                          We started with 2 liths, which mean faster Cpods. I expect to milk this advantage as much as possible.
                          Through the river would be a preferable thing to do... gets some more squares explored, but then again that's next turn.


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                            Here's the save, and I'll link up a screenie shortly.
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                            But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
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                              ~M.Y. 2103 Preplanning~

                              1. Switch Enigma Machine to a netnode in case of mineral pop
                              2. Pop pod with Probe, move probe West if pod pop permits.
                              3. Move scout along river
                              4. Switch Enigma Machine back to probe (undo retool).

                              If there's ECs in the pod, switch to Planned and 50/0/50.

                              Any other ideas on how to move are desired, especially on how to move the Probe.
                              I'm thinkin' the probes we build are going to go north, so our current probe should look for good base locations south of our original bases.

                              The river at (21,69) disappeared, so I want to find out WTF happened to it.