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What's the highest difficulty you've beaten so far?

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  • What's the highest difficulty you've beaten so far?

    For me, I recently won a Deity game, using a moderately (read: very) cheesy strat. I wanted to do a Civ I haven't played before, so I loaded up the Mali and made the world Huge Continents and then cut Civ count down to 2 (that way I wouldn't have major issues with getting wiped out until at least Renaissance and lots of room to expand because I love huge maps) and made the other guy Venice. I managed to scrape together a tech lead and won a science victory a few dozen before Enrico won a cultural one. Cheesy as ****, but not Shoshone v Venice one turn time victory cheesy.xvideos xnxx xxx
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    Well before I completely lost interest in singleplayer, I won a few deity games, the last being a domination win that I started with archers and ended with artillery. I set deity as a goal for myself, but I didn't want to cheese it at all- I wanted to win them all on 6 player pangea. Any other way just wouldn't give me the satisfaction.
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      The sorting works fine, but it is a little counter-intuitive to get a "|" instead of a mouse pointer or "hand" when holding over the buttons. carpet cleaner


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        For me I have beaten my studies


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          As of late 2004, the latest publisher of a Civilization game, sold the intellectual property of the Civilization brand who distribute Civilization games under the 3k Games label. Take 2 went public with news of the sale on January 26, 2005. You can find more information on the website here.


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            The arranging works fine, however it is a little unreasonable to get a "|" rather than a mouse pointer or "hand" when holding over the catches...time management games