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Mods and achievements?

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  • Mods and achievements?

    How do mods affect achievements? I expected mods that do not change saved games would not disable achievements. Now I just won a game as Inca with the R.E.D. mod (which does not affect saved games) and all DLCs available but the achievment was not unlocked.

    Anyone any idea??

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    Mods and achievements? Hmmm?

    Ming has banned more polytubbies than any other mod.

    I couldnt resist it
    We need seperate human-only games for MP/PBEM that dont include the over-simplifications required to have a good AI
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      Hmmmm... I don't get your joke... maybe because I don't know what a "polytubby" is... Happy New Year anyway :-)


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        umm the achievement of understanding SpencerH's Joke hinges on the definition of Mod!

        tbh id be suprised if achivements worked i mods of Civ. also im under the impression that there are issues with the achievements even for vanillia Civ.


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          yes, do no *not* work with mods on, even the clock mod.


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            I tried the clock mod in one game and that totally disables achievements
            IMHO mods that doesn't change gameplay shouldn't disable achievements, but that would probably be difficult for the game to see if a mod does or not?
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              I don't give a gnat's a** for the game's achievements. But if you really needed them and wanted the game changed, then instead of using a mod you would make changes to the game's original xml files, etc. ... backing up the originals, of course.

              Potential hazard to your game installation.


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                There is one achievement for "playing a game with a mod" but other then that I don't know. I imagine, and this is only a guess, that if you play the game using a mod then you don't score the Steam achievement.
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