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  • Cast your Civ5 questions for Firaxis

    Firaxian Pete Murray has promised us to look into the Civilization 5 questions the community has. Please submit your questions in our here so that they can be included. We'll keep the thread open till thursday end of the day so make sure that you cast yours in time! We will make a compilation and send this to Firaxis/2K. It can't be promised that all questions will be answered for various reasons, but many certainly will.

    UPDATE: The call for questions has been closed. Below you find the list that has been sent to Firaxis/2K. We'll keep you posted.

    a. Can you tell us more about the release of a Pitboss server? [OzzyKP]
    b. Will it include turn tracking? Have more admin options, like extending the turn time for the current turn and resetting the password for a civ?

    2. When will we learn more about Multiplayer? [CanuckSoldier]

    3. Will I be able to buy the Babylonian civ as DLC after release? [MxM]

    4. With hexes, will there be a true globe map, or will it still be a cylinder like civ4? [playshogi]

    a Will there be a Day Zero patch?
    b. What will the patching policy be? (ie. Frequent small patches or less frequent big patches)
    c. Will the patches include AI behavior? [all: V. Soma]

    6. Any particular reasons for relatively high recommended gfx specifications, as this is a TBS? [OneFootInTheGrave]

    a. How were the various and sundry different editions decided upon
    b. What was the ultimate factor in deciding that the CE wouldn't come with any free 0-day DLC (ie, Babylon)? [Guynemer]
    c. Will there be any DLC available at release or shortly after? If so: what kind of DLC?

    8. Do you get increased happiness from multiple instances of the same resource? Why (not)? [Krill]

    9. Do you expect the entire world (excluding extremities like desert and ice) to be settled or claimed by culture? [Krill]

    10. How will MP games between teams work? [Krill]

    11. How do you expect the late era to have importance in small games with few players? (how do you stop the snowball / BIAB problems?) [Krill]

    12. If you fail to build a wonder, do you still get some gold for your trouble? [playshogi]

    a. Is it possible that the beloved religions will be implemented in an expansion pack? [Oerdin]
    b. What about corporations?
    c. You left religion out because the new and more mysterious diplomatic attitude system, what about the other features of religion, like the commercial aspects and cultural aspets of the game? [Robert Plomp]

    a. How did you address what some name the tedious end-game?
    b. How does the way the AI work in Civ5 differ from Civ4? [Robert Plomp]

    15. People with dial-up modems have problems authenticating to Steam. would Firaxis consider some other form of authentication that did not require us to use Steam? [MyOlde]

    a. How will 1UPT affect simultaneous multiplayer games?
    b. Will Firaxis include "Turn Based Wars" as an option for simultaneous multiplayer games? [Robert Plomp]

    17. I'd like to know what happens if modders create content similar to already existing paid DLC or if a paid DLC resembles an already existing mod. [Sir Og]

    18. how exactly is DLC compatibility going to work? Would it be possible for players who have Babylon DLC to play MP with players who don't have it? [Sir Og]

    19. How exactly will researching technology work in this game, since it doesn't come out of your gold per turn. [Wyrda Edocsil]

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