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    Originally posted by Guynemer View Post
    Any reason why Steam would be advertising a Sept. 1 release, as opposed to the more general (and less anxiety-inducing) Q4 2010 or Q1 2011?
    Perhaps they just signed the contract allowing them to do so and they (Steam) want to start making money?


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      Originally posted by 2K Elizabeth View Post
      The release date hasn't been announced yet - anything you are seeing is a placeholder.

      Also, there's a bunch of info coming in the next couple weeks, so just hang tight.
      Hopefully it will still be out before Xmas.
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        I'm sure 2K would insist on that.
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          2K most definitely wants the game released this FY which ends Oct 31, so they will want it selling well before that date to make money this year for their share holders.

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            And that is why I'm nervous: EA, not Firaxis/2K/Whatever its called now.

            I expect we'll hear more with E3 coming up in a matter of days.
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              Supposedly we get to see some new stuff at E3. All I want to know is the DLC issue though.
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                Wait...Steam is required?

                That's dumb.

                Like, incredibly stupid in a Spongebob/Barney sort of way.

                I've turned down several cool looking games because they required Steam.
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                  Originally posted by Nikolai View Post
                  Who? Firaxis? They probably have little to say in the matter, really. It's always the publisher's call in the end. And haven't they a difficult financial situation right now?

                  Yep, they are having problems right now. Do some google researching if you want specifics. Quite honestly, I would love to see 2K Games either go out of business or be gobbled up by someone else. They (2K Games) have horrible customer service. They give customers that have paid for the game and are entitled to the customer service as part of the price that they paid, the run-around when you call the get ANY type of help. First, they've outsourced the customer service center to the UK. Nothing like keeping jobs in America where we need them the most. Then, when you get sick of the 'boys' answering phones that haven't a clue how to fix your problems, they give you even more run-around by saying they are escalating it to a Level 2 person, and they never get back to you. Once you have had enough of them, they give you the name of some girl in California, Elizabeth Tobey, I believe, that hasn't a clue either how to offer any type of customer service. And she is supposed to be above the customer service center in authority.

                  Anyway, I'll make my point. If another publisher takes Firaxis under their wing, I'll buy it. If it comes out from 2K, they won't see a red cent of my money. I'll borrow the game from my buddy if I want to check it out. He, unlike me, doesn't mind people crapping on him. He'll still buy from them.

                  And, if they decide to do any type of DRM or must-have Steam thing, you mark my words, unit sales will fall...quickly and sharply.


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                    You mean "offshore" not "outsource", right? Outsource means to have some other company provide the services (regardless of what country it is done in).

                    Anyway 2k Games is a multinational corporation and has offices in the UK, so I'm not sure it's fair to pick on them for that. Now, if it was to India, you'd have a point.