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    with this is it possible to change the other civ's so that after i start a game i can move the others to where i want them on the map.?>?
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      The only thing you can do civ-wise is change which one you're leading. In other words, you can switch sides. You take over for the AI on one of the other civs and the AI takes over control of the civ you were previously controlling. The viewable map changes, too, depending on what territory the other civ knows about - your old land will go dark if your new civ doesn't have knowlege of it.

      Besides that, you can't change their locations or anything.


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        Re: New SAV Game Editor - TCG

        Originally posted by hwinkels

        I'm interested in any feedback or comments anyone might have. I'm looking to add additional features in future versions. I know others have had similar programs out for awhile and they have a head-start on me, but I'd appreciate it if some of you would find some time to download it and try it out.
        It's nice user-friendly editor, thanks for posting it.

        Would it possible for a future additional feature to be a seed number reset option? From what I hear, the seed numbers that control "random" events in the game like combat are contained in the save game file itself, and it would be really helpful if you're stuck on a string of bad numbers to be able to change the seed.


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          Heh. I added that to version 1.01. With all the problems people seem to have downloading files here, I decided to post it over at Civfanatics. Which is now down

          So I'll update the version here in a few minutes

          I was unable to update the attachment at the top of the thread, so I'll attach it directly in the next post...
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            TCG Editor v1.01

            Here's the ZIP file for download. Please note that if you have trouble downloading it, you are not alone. Search the board for tips and advice on how to troubleshoot the problem. I don't know why some browsers have problems downloading from here
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              New version

              Great work. This really works well. Unfortunately, it does so only in version 1.16f. Do you think to post a new version that also works with version 1.17f? Would be great!
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                I try to change the player civ and save the file but I received this error message....
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                  Has there been any progress on this front? I would really like to be able to change civs.

                  Is there a newer utility that can do this (change the player's civ)?


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                    Love to have this utility for 1.21F... any plans to update this great utility?


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                      Is anyone posting source code to how they are doing what they are with their utilities?

                      I understand how hard it is to release your precious work, but if you aren't going to update it, then I don't see any reason not too.


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                        Has anyone had this work with the 1.21 patch? Or adapted it for the 1.21 patch if it didn't work?


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                          Does anyone know where hwinkels went?

                          I would really love to have this working with patch 1.21f - not to mention the upcoming patch.
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                            The program didn't work. I get lots of error messages when trying to open a .bic file.

                            Maybe it is a 'patch' problem..?
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                              I don't think the program has worked since 1.16f unfortuately. And it doesn't look like the author is still around, so it is unlikely we will ever see it updated.

                              It's a shame really - it would be absolutely great for playtesting
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                                It's the possibility that it could open up MP that I'm interested in.
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