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Command & Conquer or Red Alert scenario/graphics pack for Civ2?

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  • Command & Conquer or Red Alert scenario/graphics pack for Civ2?

    Does anyone know of Command & Conquer or Red Alert scenarios/graphics pack for Civ2 MGE or ToT?

    Been thinking about making a dark and moody one heavily based on C&C2 Tiberian Sun just for fun. But there's no point in me wasting my time if someone else has done it haha.

    The only Civ2 C&C scenario I can find is this one by wonx2150:

    He converted in a number of units and buildings but didn't really do much with the terrain. I can't be stuffed making a whole scenario so I'm thinking I might do a C&C graphics update for his instead heh. I could release a separate graphics modpack too for those not interested in the scenario.

    Would be easier making a ToT graphics conversion due to the increase colours however his scenario is MGE so I guess I'll be putting my pallet conversion hat on lol as I'm too scared to even bother touching the MGE to ToT scenario converter lol.

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    Been working away on it..

    Here's some comparison pics of wonx2150's original graphics (mostly default Civ2 with a few changes here there including some rather funny looking tiberian lol) versus my new overhaul graphics either ripped out of C&C mix files or drawn by me.

    Note: I have NOT touched any unit graphics yet. Just done terrain & cities. Will probably change most special resource icons too.

    Wonx's ORIGINAL scenario graphics:

    Blake's OVERHAUL graphics:

    I've also given each faction custom command centers matching their faction colour and also custom walls (eg NOD bases get their laser fence, GDI bases get their firestorm walls, and Neutral bases get GDI base walls with little turrets)



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      Time for a progress update!

      I've been spending most of my free time working with Metro on the Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Civ2 Scenario however I've done a bit more work here and there on my visual remaster of wonx's awesome C&C Civ2 scenario. I've also started preliminary work on a Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario for Civ2.

      But as for Wonx's C&C scenario remaster most units have now been redone. I've been using high resolution models from various C&C fan remake projects and downsizing and re-colouring them. Takes hours to get each unit done but I think the effort pays off as they look pretty cool! Here's a shot of my latest work:



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        Hmmm to cloak or not to cloak...

        The NOD Stealth Tank spends most of its time cloaked in C&C until it attacks. Civ2 doesn't support any sort of unit transparency so all I can think of is a chequered effect. However with so few pixels in the model you lose a lot of identify and detail. But when on standard zoom your eyes do seem to 'connect the dots' and create a not too bad cloaking effect. Which one I should go with folks?

        Units File:

        In-Game (Standard 1:1 pixel zoom):

        In-Game (Max zoom):