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Heroes of Might & Magic mods for Civ 2? or others?

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  • Heroes of Might & Magic mods for Civ 2? or others?

    Hey guys, does any one know of any Heroes of Might & Magic related Civ 2 or ToT mods? Or even Civ 3 or 4 for that matter lol.

    So far I've found this Civ2 HoMM mod over at , however sadly the guy went and got himself banned lol so I can't contact him to see if he finished it or if it's still working on it.
    If anyone knows anything about this mod please let me know!!!

    I also found a super old thread for another Civ 2 HoMM mod at CivFinatics. Presumably abandoned.

    So far the ONLY complete and finished one I've found is the utterly amazing Conquests of Might & Magic the HoMM3 mod for Civ 3.

    I'm a HUGE Heroes of Might & Magic fan so if anyone has information on either of those 2 seemingly dead scenarios or any other HoMM scenarios/mods out there for Civ please let me know!!!

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    Well by sheer luck I managed to find Metropolis over at CivFanatics and he speaks great (thankfully I only speak German and English) with it (as I've wanted to make a HoMM2 Civ scenario for a while now but could not be done on my own haha). HoMM3 for Civ3 mod (mentioned in my post above) as it's creator (Tom2050) is a friggin genius lol and we're using an older game but we're just doing the best we can haha. We know it's 20 years too late, no one wants to play it and people wonder why we're wasting our time but we're having a ton of fun making it so meh, we're doing it anyway haha.

    Here's some early test screenshots ...

    One of our first terrain test shots, Civ2's GUI is VERY limited but I've made it look a bit more like HoMM2s. NO units or castles had been added at that point.

    While Metropolis worked on terrains and units I started working on cities .. As we all know HoMM games only have one town and castle image to dictate city size / development while CIV2 has 4 unwalled and walled 4 sizes. So we decided to use the town for the un-walled cities and the castle for the walled cities in the scenario. The other BIG problem is that in HoMM2 which means to fit into a short and wide isometric city cell in Civ2

    into the pink area in this little thing (actual 1 to 1 size)

    I can go over the grey areas above but NOT below the diamond isometric cell.

    My first attempt. There were many revisions to get to this stage lol.

    This castle was a NIGHTMARE as I had to change the shape of the walls to fit in the isometric cell.. still not thrilled about the skull and other stuff so will probably get revisions.

    This one ended up being rather easy compared to the last 2. Guess I'd started learning from dealing with the past problems haha. Like with the previous 2 the windows and city buildings were horribly distorted by the downsize requiring me to repaint them in. And also much like with the others the castle wall and village fence is completely repainted and reshaped to fit the Civ2 cell limits and remove downsize distortions.

    This was one tougher than I thought as I quickly realised that the brick pattern on the walls (which was destroyed in the shrinking/downsizing) was also all over the castle so I had repaint the bricks all over the whole bloody thing lol.

    Those with a keen eye will see I'd played around with the forts a bit more too. Metropolis also smoothed out the beach shore lines a bit by this stage too.

    This one took longer than I wanted as well, as the village had an annoying crisscross fence that trying to do a miniature version of on an angle was hell haha.

    FINISHED! All 6 done!

    And finally here's a shot I just took today where as you can see Metropolis has added HoMM2 units and Heroes to the game and I've snuck some extra decoration into the river tiles. Due to Civ2 not being an strategy RPG with lots of map locations to visit we're very limited in what objects we can place on the map so we've had to pull a lot of tricks like these to get interesting stuff into the maps. You may also notice Metropolis has put some ocean decoration at the river mouths too.


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      Here's another project update post:

      Metropolis has been busy working on the event code so I decided to play with background graphics.

      Now this was difficult. Civ2 doesn't normally allow you to edit adviser and event background images. They're all stored in a DLL file called Tiles.dll. Clever fans have made an editor called GifX that allows you to change these images however you can NOT go over the original image file sizes (unless you use resource hacker and break compatibility with pre MGE versions of Civ2). This is really tough as most of the Civ2 background images are low resolution grey-scale (sort of black and white) images. I really wanted to get all of the Heroes of Might & Magic 2 castle screens into Civ2 somehow as decoration.

      After a LOT of experimenting I was able to do it! I'm pleased to say that I was able to get all 6 HoMM2 castle screens into the game AND with colour! However I had to downsize them quite a bit, reduce details, and severely reduce the colours. I had to put thick marble borders around them to reduce their sizes even future.

      For remaining screens I'm putting in screenshots from HoMM2 cutscenes.

      Wonders Screen:
      This was the smallest advisor screen of them all at measly 30k. Had a take a chunk of detail out of the picture and it juuuuust fits.

      Civ Score Screen:
      I've always loved this HoMM2 cutscene of a crashed ship so I couldn't resist using it! Had to compress it quite a bit sadly.

      Intel Report Screen:
      Used a shot of the the HoMM2 Gold intro. Had to compress it quite a bit sadly.

      Top 5 cities screen:
      Used a cool castle cutscene video shot.

      Kingdom Screen:
      Used a campaign cutscene video shot where you can see Roland's Kingdom (had to massively compress sadly).

      City Capture:
      Used a shot from the final bad guy campaign mission cutscene video where you lay siege to Roland's Palace (had to heavily compress sadly).

      Took this shot from the campaign mission cutscene video where you turn the peasants/citizen's against Roland or Archebald.

      Couldn't find any pictures or cutscenes in HoMM2 showing people celebrating. So I just used a cool shot of someone worshiping some royal magical stuff from a HoMM2 addon cutscene video. I thought about using the image from the HoMM3 intro of Catherine's men celebrating but wanted to keep things HoMM2 themed.

      Creating a city:
      Took this shot of a little village from the campaign mission cutscene video where you turn the peasants/citizen's against Roland or Archebald.


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        Time for another update...

        I've now darkened all of the adviser backgrounds and then reconverted back to Civ 2 palette and the results have come out pretty darn good! Writing is very easy to read now.

        I won't post the whole lot again but here's a couple of examples:

        Meanwhile Metropolis decided to surprise everyone by editing the images inside of the dll file that controls what you see in the Civ2 city view screen! This is something very rarely done before so it's very cool!

        Here's a test screenshot from a savegame where I'd built most of the buildings in town and the results are pretty awesome!! He's really out done himself on this one haha:

        A while back we decided to replace Civ2's wonders with HoMM2 artifacts and hero skills. We replaced their icons with HoMM2 ones and were done with it. However to add to his above work Metro came up with a way to still have artifacts in the city view where they simply display on pedestals (since they are not buildings). Looks really nice!


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          Progress pictures time again!

          Metro & I have finished replacing all of the 42 Civ2 Leader pictures with HoMM2 hero portraits. Converting their faces into the limitations of the Civ2 colour palette has been a real challenge but the final results are pretty good!

          Here's some of the imported leaders (light blue is transparent in-game):

          Here is a in-game Diplomacy screenshot (note we'll probably be telling people to disable the 3D 'Heralds' as having a Zulu, a Roman or some big Russian guy dancing away in front of our leaders doesn't really suit the HoMM theme haha).

          Meanwhile Metro & I decided to 'go where no Civ2 scenario maker has gone before' (at least we don't think anyone has) and replace all of Civ2's cutscene videos. As previously mentioned we're using HoMM2 artifacts as the Wonders so we're going to make some sort of cool video that leads to a book or scroll showing what the wonder artifact does using HoMM2 icons of course.

          Here's some test shots of Metro's awesome wonder video work (note: titles won't match video as we're testing using the slot 1 Pyramids wonder)

          And last of all here's a new in-game world shot where I've been playing around testing our world decoration. For a game that doesn't have anywhere near as many map objects as HoMM does I think we've done a pretty good job at squeezing as many map decorations into the scenario as possible haha!