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[PBEM] Civ4: Ice Age, tracker thread 2

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    Eh, I guess we're done with this one.
    Where are you from? Put yourself on the Apolyton Map!


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      I just noticed the thread had stuff in it and the talk about ending the game. As I had stated previously, I rarely check this site so didn't even know you guys were posting.

      I was certainly a pretty fun game for awhile, and for me taking over for someone else. It was hard work to build up from being at the bottom to taking the lead in score, and I was vigoriously working towards being able to attack Julius again to take some more cities from him. I had been building a stack of Redcoats to march on his capital with, which I hopefully would have been able to take without too much trouble. It was just still a ways off as I was having to alternate in some of my cities military and research boosters.
      The tech trades from Sabre and Aeb that were greatly in my favor did of course help, and it would have been interesting to see how things played out in the end, but the game had been moving so slow (like a turn a week) that just calling an end to it is probably best.