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[PBEM] Jungle Jumble

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  • you should be able to get it for less than 30$ now. maybe 20 or even 15. but come on... that's still dirt cheap

    what makes it worth it:
    - added warlords and promotions, which makes combat a lot cooler because you can have uber-units which have chance to beat units a lot better than yours or severely hurt that pesky awful triple-city-defence longbowman in the hill city you're been trying to get for ages.
    - more leaders
    - better balanced traits
    - less idiotic AI
    - less bugs

    as for the next XP: it has not been officially confirmed. rumour mills on various gaming magazine sites think it could also be civ5, though civ4 is only 15 months old so realistically not yet.

    if it's an XP, chances are high that it has all the features of warlords in it, as it would be pointless to remove the whole warlords functionality!
    so in that case, maybe we should then go directly to that, whenever it is. in the mean time another civ4 game
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