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Game II - pitboss, entry open

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  • Oh, my God! I just logged to take a save just in case from this game 1 month after we stopped playing because of this moron.

    IMAGINE WHAT!?! This guy waited we to stop playing and after week he started to sneak in again!

    OH, MY GOD! He is patiently waiting 30 hours turns to log in and play ALL ALONE against the non-moving, non- producing other 5 players and particularly me - he could not live with this I was headed to win against all the other players !!!!! Such a loser... Pity, pity him...

    He finally got some modern weapons and is patiently destroying my army and capturing my undefended cities for 3-4 weeks. What a sociopath could do this?

    I will not save his name - I think he is actually proud of what he did. He is

    Just a warning for all of you to have in mind if this mmm... guy... gay ... asks to join some of your game.

    I cant believe this can be done by a normal grown up man. I cant believe this is done by someone who plays Civ for God's sake . Shame. What a shame. Pity him... Thats just a game, but I can only imagine how he acts in the real life.

    O tempora, o, mores.

    Pity, pity him...